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Looking for a new fresh scent

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Can you guys recommend some good fresh, clean, and crisp smelling colognes that will garnish compliments and has pretty decent longevity and silliage. Looking for affordable around the $35-$85 mark unless I can get in on a split for a more expensive frag. I already own:

Isseye Miyake
Bleu De Chanel
Bergomotto Marino
CH 212
Chrome and Chrome Legend
JV Artisan
Lacoste Pour Homme and Essentials
Silver Al Rehab
Versace Pour Homme and Blue Jeans
YSL Lhomme and Libre
Kenneth Cole Reaction
Curve and Curve Crush

Thanks for your opinions gang. Also if your selling something you think I may like pm me. Thanks again


  1. Maggie_Everk123's Avatar
    Adidas Product are cheap---usually way lower than your budget, but a favorite for many men. Some of Adidas colognes such as Adidas Dynamic Pulse Cologne sell for only $10.99 at places such as online perfume websites such as 99Perfume.

    Another suggestion is David Beckham Instinct Cologne. It is only around $22.99. Many men I know wear this item.

    Davidoff Adventure Cologne By Zino Davidoff is selling for $35.99 at [url][/url] This is also a favorite by many.

    These are just some I have heard good reviews for!
  2. Datruth's Avatar
    Great thanks I'll try to get my nose on some of these if I could as well as check out the reviews. Thanks for the suggestions
  3. Perfume Trader's Avatar
    Try Hei by Alfred Sung. A very Nice fresh cologne that's fairly inexpensive. Around $25-30 for a 3.4 oz. Bottle.
  4. saint2006's Avatar
    You want a ton of compliments.......try Dolce & Gabanna light blue female version. Sarah Jessica parker Lovely. Vera wang for men, for super compliments spray vera wang and dolce & gabanna The One together. There's always Fierce. That's a good panty dropper.


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