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Roll-on Perfume

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How do you feel about Roll-on perfume. My boyfriend recently bought my two roll on perfumes from Northern Ireland. I absolutely love them. I have always been hesitant about roll-on perfume, but now I am actually preferring roll-on perfume compared to the traditional spray. What have been your experiences with roll-ons?


  1. peachply's Avatar
    I love them for their portability. I sometimes wear Stella which comes in a roll-on which is great because it's inexpensive. The only downside is the bottle has broken on me once, it's thinner and more fragile than a regular perfume bottle. I also like that you can control the amount applied more so then a spray bottle.
  2. chanelnumerocinq's Avatar
    -Usually cheaper than spray
    -Easier to carry around
    -More precise application
    --because the application is more precise less perfume is wasted sprayed in the air.
    -particles of skin & other matter on the surface of the skin contaminate the perfume inside since the application of the perfume requires direct contact
    --because of that roll-ons go bad quicker than sprays.

    I don't like roll-ons because of how quickly they expire
  3. saint2006's Avatar
    I've had my roll on frags for 5 years. One small swipe and its on all day. The strength and longevity is still the same.
  4. Fragmeister's Avatar
    Roll ons are great for power frags such as black Afgano. Otherwise I like atomisers.


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