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Thierry Mugler A*Men - The Ten Ton Pacifist

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Recently on Basenotes I ran the first-ever Basenotes March Madness, and one of the criteria for a fragrance being in the running was to have the most reviews. A*Men led the pack by a huge margin, but itís also probably the most divisive fragrance mentioned on the boards. Itís very polarizing, you either love it or hate it. Iím firmly ensconced in the ďlove itĒ group.

The bottle comes a few ways, either the black rubber bottle with blue star, or the metal bottle which is refillable at any Thierry Mugler counter, such as the Macyís in Louisville. I have to admit Iím a huge fan of the bottle both ways, itís so distinct, so memorable. But letís be honest, we care about the inside of the bottle more than the outside.

Given how polarizing the fragrance really is I canít do anything other than give my opinion, and hope youíll keep it in mind on your journey with the fragrance. Itís sweet and chocolatey, yet very complex, especially for whatís still essentially a gourmand. Thereís plenty of notes jostling about, thereís a peppermint note that most people find gives it a sort of ďedgeĒ, a metaphorical spearhead for the rest of the gourmand notes to come; chocolate, coffee, and caramel. I suppose you first have to enjoy chocolate to like it at all, and then on top of that, you have to like it in gratuitous amounts because thereís plenty of it in Angel Men. Projection and longevity are both in a class of their own, so spray responsibly. Itís the definition of a sillage monster, it enters the room before you do and leaves after.

Despite the larger-than-life cloud this thing projects, I consider it a ďcomfort scentĒ much like people have comfort foods, and if Iím feeling under the weather Iím very likely going to reach for A*Men. This is a cool-to-cold weather fragrance, it can grow stifling very quickly in hot weather (something I had happen when my sweat brought back the nightís application of it in the middle of a game of DDR, an admittedly less than pleasant experience).

Thatís it. Thatís really all there is to it. So why all the vitriol on the community boards? Mostly because there is not a small number of drama queens on board, and having a big opinion is better and more memorable than having a small one. Does it merit such colorful similes as ďlike a cat peeing on a bag of cotton candyĒ? Not to me. If you start wheezing and going into paroxysms after trying A*Men shoot me an email and Iíll apologize profusely and revise my opinion on it. Until that happens, though, take my review with however much salt you require and go find your own opinion on this divisive creature.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    It's nice to see somebody admitting to loving this one publicly. I have always been middle-of-the-road on A*Men, but I'm coming around on it now. I really like the Pure Coffee flanker, and that one is actually helping me to "get" A*Men. I do like the women's scent, and wished for a long time that my wife would start to appreciate it. And then, as samples with my Pure Coffee, I got the Violet, Lilly, and Peony flankers of Angel. My wife REALLY likes those. So both of us are coming around on Angel.

    Thanks for the very thought-provoking review.


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