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Vacation Notes 2- Ah the Tropics!

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Got to visit the headquarters of the American Orchid Society today. Their greenhouses and gardens are spectacular. If anyone reading this ever visits Boca Raton, Florida, don't miss it, it's an olfactory wonder.
I didn't know orchids had so many intoxicating perfumes, and some that are, well, interesting. Several had sweet, powdery, spicy scents. Others smelled strangely like antique roses. One huge purple orchid smelled, well, purple. Its sillage was immense. Other orchids looked like alien insects and smelled just like you 'd expect an alien insect to smell. Whew! One green and brown orchid smelled exactly like blood, sharp and metallic. It was attracting an enormous cloud of various bugs. So I guess that's a successful evolutionary strategy, if you happen to be an orchid plant....
I also got to see and smell Fragraea for the first time, which is one of the heart notes of Les Nez Manoumalia (which I love). It is not particularly pungent and has soft leathery facets, as well as a very slight sour tang. It's a gorgeous cream-colored flower. The ylang ylang was not blooming, nor was the champaca alba, too bad. But the plethora of fragrant orchids very much made up for that!



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