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Surprised by Chanel Allure Homme

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In our search for the new and exotic, it can be very easy to forget about the fragrances that have been in our wardrobe for quite some time. Such was the case for me with Chanel Allure Homme. I think it is a quality scent, but I don't use it often. That's partly because it's something that I think of as predictable and, now that I think about it, boring. It just isn't "different". But, perhaps the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" is quite fitting here.

I just came back from a 3 day ski-trip with a group of friends, and when I packed for my trip I really had a limited choice of fragrances to take with me. Although I had no intent to wear a fragrance while out on the slopes, I needed/wanted to have something to wear fragrance-wise for the two evenings on the trip. As it turned out, and also for the trip back home. In any case, I really only had 4 fragrances to choose from for this trip - I only wanted to bring sample sprays with me, and of my collection, I only have an appreciable number of samples for 4 of them. I ended up bringing Chanel Allure Homme and Chanel Platinum Egoiste.

I have always considered Allure Homme very pleasant, but I had never been complimented on it until this past weekend. I rarely get any comments about my fragrances, which makes this all the more notable. I had just finished showering, applied two sprays (which, from a sampler, is less than what you'd get from two sprays from a regular bottle), and stepped out, ready to go. A female friend who passed by me in the hallway immediately remarked, "Wow, something you're using smells wonderful!"

Given the kudos that Platinum Egoiste (PE) can get from a portion of Basenoters, it's interesting to note that I received no notice at all when I used PE the following evening.

As I said at the start of this post, I just came back from my ski trip. The reason why I opted to write this at an incredibly late hour before going to sleep to get to work on a Monday morning is because of how Allure Homme impressed me just right now! I applied two sprays at about 3pm before the ride back home on the coach bus. I got off the bus at almost 2am, and it was right at that moment when I stepped off the bus and put on my jacket that I picked up the sweet basenotes of the fragrance. I thought to myself, "Something smells wonderful. Hey, that's the Allure Homme that I'm wearing!" It's strange how I didn't notice it at all during the 11 hours since I applied it, but right when I stepped off the coach after a 10-hour ride and put on my jacket, that was when it hit me.

Allure Homme is sweet, elegant, and accessible. Now I find that it is also flexible. I have worn it to the symphony on a first-date. I have also worn it on an important evening with a different lady - it was her birthday, and I was taking her out for dinner and dancing. Right now, I'm wearing it in jeans and turtleneck after a ski trip. Although I will reach for Allure Homme when I want something "safe" and yet refined and nice, it isn't usually what I reach for on a regular basis. I certainly wouldn't normally reach for it for everyday casual use.

However, I am having second thoughts about that now.

The scent I picked up when I stepped off the bus was so nice, even after 11 hours, that I am simply forced to wear Allure Homme a few more times in the near future and to investigate this fine fragrance a little more deliberately!

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  1. avfcdamian92's Avatar
    yeah man agreed, i LOVE this amazing stuff, smells so good.


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