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Chanel No. 5

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Last afternoon I received a sample of Chanel No. 5 EDP spray from a kind fellow member (along with several other goodies) and am working on my second wrist sniffing.

Surprise! It's so easy to love! For me anyway. I was reading the reviews and do not get some of the discord with this scent. Sharp? No. Grannyish? Never. This is sexy sexy sexy. Onto the wishlist with this potion. Mm mm mm. Much sweeter than I expected. Not at all like I imagined from the reviews.

(I sprayed a small amount on one wrist and rubbed my wrists together. The sharp opening fades quickly and then comes delectable drydown).


Oh, one more thing which I find interesting: Something in this reminds me of clean, hot, freshly styled hair. You know, like after a curling or blow drying? In a good way. Not in a burned way. So I can smell like I did my hair even if I didn't. But this scent would look better on me with "done" hair for sure. And done everything.

This is not a scent I would not apply in the morning on an empty stomach. This would work best as an evening scent IMHO.



  1. Heartwood's Avatar
    naqshbandi just started a thread with a link to an article about No. 5 and an interview with Jacques Polge. I think you'll like this part, misscasey: "Clean is an important word," replies Polge charitably, before adding: "It smells like the steam rising from a cotton shirt that is being ironed."
  2. misscasey's Avatar
    Oh cool! I so get that "steamy clean" too.
    Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. YouCanCallMeMo's Avatar
    Ah, and you even tried the EDP, which is the least of the formulations...that initial blast is not as harsh with the softer open of the EDT, and the Parfum? It's all richness and beauty.
  4. misscasey's Avatar
    I'll be interested to try the other versions.
    I have a vial of Eau Premiere which I haven't tried just yet.
  5. KarmaLee's Avatar
    I get the clean hair and steam feeling! I am a late-comer to Chanel 5 and am having a true love affair. I only have a bit: just got an ebay small bit of vintage. The bottle leaked even after the seller's best efforts, but he refunded me part of the purchase and I have a precious bit left in the botton. I think this climbs above Shalimar for me as my favorite vintage so far. I have Eau Premiere, and like it, but the vintage makes me just weak in the knees. I smelled my wrist so hard my nose hurt.

    I am now looking for any vintage in any concentration. I need to win the lottery. Now.


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