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Champs Elysees

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Today I'm trying a sample of Champs Elysees and so far it smells great on me. Made in 1904 though I'm guessing it's reformulated, this is the oldest scent I've tried. I was struck right away with its crisp cheery edge. Not what I normally would think of as old fashioned.
(I think many older frags I've tried have gone bad and so really I should few expectations for "oldies." )

But this is good stuff! Clean, fun, polite, bright, sweet, sparkling, fresh, classy. The smell is light hearted and not at all heavy, but with an intensity that could become tiring. This scent surprises me, like someone you meet who at first seems cute, polite, and reserved, but once you get to know them they're charming, charismatic, and daring. This would be good for family gatherings and other special occasions. Oh! And weddings. DEFINITELY weddings.


  1. MFJ's Avatar
    We have another Guerlainista in the house
  2. YouCanCallMeMo's Avatar
    I'm glad you are liking the Champs...but I do hear that the current version is completely unrelated to the 1904 formulation...they just reused the name in the 1980s when they created a new frag.

    You are on to something with the wedding does put one in the mood for a garden party, doesn't it?
  3. misscasey's Avatar
    Yeah, I figured it's reformulated. Hmm. Wonder what the old one smells like. Yeah, I suppose I am becoming something like a Guerlainhead. Even though the new Mitsouko EDT hurts my head. I have an EDP sample which I'll be trying soon. Hope it treats me better than the other.
  4. YouCanCallMeMo's Avatar
    If I had tried Mitsouko EDT first, I'm not sure I'd be as big a it was, I was lucky to first try the pure parfum, which is a kiss from Angels on High....I have the EDT now, mostly because it was a steal and I could still get that "Mitsouko" vibe....but, still, when I sniff my bottle of parfum....that's what makes my eyes roll back in ecstasy. Seriously...if you ever have a chance, smell the pure parfum. You'll keel over in delight, I swear!


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