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Jardins de Bagatelle

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1st application:

My nose isn't picking much up on this today, and I applied a lot. However, my loved ones can smell me from yards away. So far this is soft, warm, and sweet. At the same time I'm getting sharpness or tartness from the florals. I could appreciate this on someone else, but I don't expect to fall in love with this myself. It seems too dainty and serious to me. Just in case my nose isn't working today, I will try it again sometime. But until then, I feel lukewarm about this one and leaning toward dislike. I'm also getting what I think of as the "old bowl of cereal note" that I've found in L'Instant de Guerlain (don't much like) and Allure Sensuelle by Chanel (also don't much like). Sigh. Perhaps I should look at the notes of these three to see what is turning me off and why I'm reminded of artificial sweets and old bowls of cereal. It brings heated milk to mind which for me is a big turnoff.

I will try this one again soon as I still have some hope. But at this point I'm about ready to scrub. I like Champs Elysees a million times better- it's brighter and more fun and does not remind me of dairy products.




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