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Chanel No. 5 vs No. 5 Eau Premiere

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My thought on these two:

Definitely two distinct scents. The former is warm, sweet, and soapy. The other is similar with an added sweetness which in my opinion resembles an orange creamsicle. I prefer the original as the supersweet orange creamsicle is too much for me and becomes syrupy. The other remains clean and mysterious and sexy. I do think that No. 5 Eau Premiere is a nicely made scent- I just prefer a little less corn syrup.
I also get a slight chemical smell that reminds me of insect repellant in the newer version that I do not notice in the original. Well, it's only obvious if I'm in a picky mood.

I will try these again. It was fun trying this classic for the first time, along with the newest version. I've tried No. 5 2 or 3 times now, and Eau Premiere only once. I will again apply the original to my left wrist and the newer to my right.

Also, I liked the original better the first time when I tried it by itself. Then, next to Eau Premiere it seemed more bitter and soapy and harder to love. Because that orange creamsicle sure is appetizing. Just not something I normally like in a fragrance. It is one of the nicer, milder orange creamsicle type notes I've smelled. Maybe I would like Eau Premiere if I had the munchies and were in a sweet mood.

Both scents are lovely though.
I think they'd be great layered together.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Interesting observations! I'll have to watch out for the orange creamsicle effect next time I sniff Eau Première. I'm not sure if that's it (or the corn syrup! ), but there's something about Eau Première that I really, really like.

    Sometimes I think that the best way to test things is together, but there are other times when I think that two scents each deserve their own day, without the distraction of the other. I'll be very interested to know what you think in the end - which method gave you more insight into which scent you will end up preferring.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us!
  2. ECaruthers's Avatar
    A somewhat knowledgable SA at Lord and Taylor told us that Chanel made Eau Première by "inverting" the note pyramid of No. 5. She said she was quoting the support literature given to them by Chanel.

    I think she meant that they increased the top notes. That's the way it smeled to me. But I suppose there might be synthetics similar enough to the original notes to make something like the original base notes evaporate fast and something like the original top notes last longer. It's at least an interesting idea, even if it's not what Chanel did. Has anyone else heard this sort of story?
  3. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    I actually prefer the original Chanel No.5 . I'm not a fan of Eau Premiere.
  4. misscasey's Avatar
    Sometimes I think that the best way to test things is together, but there are other times when I think that two scents each deserve their own day, without the distraction of the other.
    That's a good point- I think I will try them separately. Eau Premiere will be up next.

    You're welcome and thank you guys for sharing.
  5. misscasey's Avatar
    OhHHh, I'm starting to get past the orange creamsicle thing and this is getting gooood. I sprayed on several sprays of Eau Premiere as my SOTD, finishing off my sample vial. I'm starting to get some other notes besides the perceived sugar. MmMmm, sexyyy!

    Maybe I'll get a compliment at work today- people loove a sweet smellin sweet talkin sweetie. LOL.

  6. laral28's Avatar
    Okay so I just tried the Eau Premiere and the insect repellent is actually more of a playdough smell on me? Definitely getting the syrup though. Almost settles like Prada's Infusion d'Iris on me which is weird because I only know of one note they share.
  7. misscasey's Avatar
    I prefer the original.


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