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Living in the dark ages

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Well, I've moved my family from the UK midlands to leafy Hertfordshire, but it's going to be around ten days or so before we're going to get connected to the internet...

So I'm writing this on my Mac being tethered to my phone. Its a bit kludgy but it might do the job in the meantime.

Hopefully we'll be back on track again soon..

I've some pics of the BN Lunch to upload too...
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  1. Hebe's Avatar
    Wishing you, Dani and family every happiness in your new home. I hope all the moving in niggles are cleared soon.
  2. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    OMG - a modem. I mean a "vintage" modem! How barbaric!

    Grant - just get back into that time machine and reverse the dial - set it for 2009! We need you in the 21st century!!!
  3. JaimeB's Avatar
    All the best to you and your family as you move into a new home: exciting, thrilling? Maybe a bit of drudgery and inconvenience, too, but all well worth it in the end if your new digs make you superbly happy which I, for one, sincerely hope they do!


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