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Basenotes: My Haven from the Political Nasty

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Allow me to take this time to say thank you to Basenotes and all of the fellow Basenoters that make this such a great site. I can get on here and be rescued from the nastiness of the world. Here when opinions differ..that's just it..they differ. Most people on here agree that fragrances are subjective and people have a myriad of reasons for loving what they love and loathing what they loathe. As an international community we discuss, debate, dialogue and wait...wait...still get along. So I love you all..for freeing me from the Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, CNN, MSN...etc chatter and just letting me stop and smell the roses!


  1. MFJ's Avatar
    laral28, great post! This is how I feel too. Everyone here is very respectful of differences in opinions, preferences, cultures etc. We all share a core enthusiasm for scents in general - that is what brought all of us together, and continues bond us strongly as a community, at the same time graciously welcoming new comers
    Updated 10th September 2009 at 09:59 AM by MFJ
  2. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Lara- I totally agree- one big passionate fragrance lovin' family. I have come to know such wonderful people here- kind ,generous ( like youself for instance ), funny ,just lovely people .
  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yes, BN is truly a refuge. I'm not quite sure why, but I don't argue with it - I just accept it.
  4. laral28's Avatar
    Thanks to all of you. I sit at work when things are stressful and think..."if I could just log on for 10 minutes I'd feel better." It is a sanctuary for me.


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