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I do not have any more time for my fragrance life :(

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Well this is a different fall, for all the time I've been on BN its either been summer or I was at my old school, at my old school we went to class at 9AM got our assignments for the day and left at 12 to go home and complete them so as I was typing up my work I could always log into BN and follow threads just like you guys at work. But now that I go to a traditional school I go to class at 8AM and get off at 4 then its Debate Team which wasn't offered at my old school, I just realized that I haven't posted to BN in forever and I hope that can change


  1. laral28's Avatar
    Do what you have to do..we'll still be here :-)
  2. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Don't worry about it, lightgreen! We all go through periods where it's tough to post. Good things happen during those times. When you get back on here again, you'll have even more to say. Think about it this way - you have many years of fragrance life ahead of you (and frankly, I envy you for starting this early!). So come back whenever you can. Like laral said - we'll be here!
  3. Haunani's Avatar
    Lightgreen, I know that frustration. There are SO many days when I feel that I'm cheating myself with too much work and too little play. But hey - debate team sounds like fun - perhaps you can introduce some fragrance-related topics. Have a wonderful school year, and we'll see you when you can get here!
  4. Surfacing's Avatar

    Best of luck starting at a new school. I'm still stunned at how young you are. You are very well spoken ( or worded, I guess...) and mature. Heck, you put to shame alot of others ( at least many guys here) with knowlege and maturity. You're a good role model for many older people ( including myself ).

    Anyways, I wish I had started this interest in fragrance alot earlier. Too bad I took up an interest in techno and trance music at a young age ...

    Hope you don't stop posting.
  5. artist91711's Avatar
    It's never too late....make life simple...
    try this very relaxing fragrance" daphne" by hamadryad
    you may find it (


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