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Don't let the lot to choose your fragrance...

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... as it has weird sense of humor sometimes.

I'd like to share my story about how I let the lot to choose my fragrance to wear for today.

Actually I didn't wont to make any decision. You probably know those lazy days when even making a decision is already too much work. So, you probably stay in pyjamas the whole day and become just a witness of events running through the timeline.

I wanted to wear a fragrance, but didn't know which one. So, I did say loudly - "I don't want to make any decision today, so let it be. Let the lot choose it for me". Oh, be careful in what you say...

This morning I dropped a box full of miniatures. Fortunately it fell on the carpet and everything seemed to be unbroken. But I didn't see that a corner of one miniature was broken and there was a small whole in it. The miniature remained full as air pressure worked against the gravity. So, I put the box back to where it belonged. Later I started to wondering - when and on what way the lot will decide the perfume for me. So, I decided to help by browsing through the miniatures. And... I took the broken one and opened to sniff (totally unconsciously). At the moment I took off the lid the pressure couldn't work anymore and the whole content came on me. The lot had spoken (and done) - all 3 ml of this perfume are on me now.

So, the perfume I am wearing today is Vent Vert by Balmain (an old formulation). I smell like one giant green narcotic and even poisonous narcissus. And I don't mind - it's a funny joke of the lot and I can laugh on it. I am just curious of its effect on people I'll meet today walking with my dog and shopping. There is another funny thing here. The Narcissus note was not easy for me to recognize in fragrances. But I do recognize it now very well.

And can you also remember the story when the lot has decided a fragrance for you and has shown its sense of humor?

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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Great story!

    I feel sorry for your losing a mini of vintage, but happy that you discovered the narcissus note. I think it's really true that sometimes we need to apply a lot of fragrance to discover every corner of it.

    My day of letting the lot decide wasn't purely that. I had waffled and waited and was scentless by mid-morning. Then my wife was demanding that I clean the garage, which was really dirty. It was July 4 in the US - a very hot day. I wanted to relax on the holiday, and take my time to pick the perfect fragrance, and was angry that she was going to make me work. So in anger I said "OK - can I wear Kouros?" I expected her to say no, because she forbids me to wear it. She said "What's that?" (She didn't remember the name.) So I said "Tanuki one." (Tanuki is the Japanese racoon dog - she says Kouros smells like the tanuki enclosure at the zoo.) But she said yes! So I sprayed seven big sprays of Kouros all over myself and cleaned the garage. It was glorious. So the moral was that good things may come to those who wait.
  2. AromaX's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Indeed - the good things come to those who wait (as a Taurus I completely agree )
    Kouros, the Tanouki one - that's funny! Man and his dog (that in this case is his Kouros) )
  3. Billigvoks's Avatar
    LOL You just made my day a bit better:-)
  4. AromaX's Avatar
    Well, glad to hear that, Billigvoks!

    I hope the lot will show some mercy to all of us ) But will still keep its sense of humor!
  5. YouCanCallMeMo's Avatar
    I had a bottle of Elizabeth Arden 5th avenue meet a similar fate....but, it wasn't a mini. GAH. I didn't get drenched in it, but I did have to wear it every day for a week in order to save any at all. Pretty much cured me of loving that scent!
  6. AromaX's Avatar
    Wow, that's vicious! And I understand that completely! When the bottle is broken, the only thing you are thinking is saving any rests and yeah that can make you to wear the scent every day... But ok, I hope you can think back on it with laugh )
  7. Un Belle Parfum's Avatar
    Oh no! Sorry to hear about your mishap - I think perfume is one of the only things I haven't managed to break. I once spilled a bottle of red nailpolish all over my desk at home - eek so messy!
  8. AromaX's Avatar
    It wasn't that bad, TheLipPrint, it was just a little miniature I found on a local market for a couple of euro... That's a nice feeling of accuracy when you never broke a bottle of perfume (or do you just have too little of them or do you use them not often? )
    Nailpolish - sounds really messy. Although - a bright red spot of a random shape with a smooth surface... can be a piece of Art )


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