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Saturday 'Fume Musings

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There's a thread on the Female Fragrance board on scents and personality that I began rambling on. I felt like it was becoming too introspective and long, so I cut it and pasted it here.

I noticed somewhere along the line what my favorites definitely aren't. I wear orientals well and am drawn more to exotic, darker scents. I'm really a happy, down-to-earth gal who dreams of adventure.

I think chemistry and id, if you will, determine scent insofar as we have no control over initial sensory reaction, nor do we have control over how something smells on us. After our choices are put through those filters, I suppose it is a combination of both, personality determining scent and vice versa.
There are two 'fumes that I say are me because they, to me, connect with different aspects of my personality in very different ways. They're nothing alike (and incidentaly, not orientals). One is an androgynous leather & tobacco, the other is a quirky gourmandy rose. Maybe personality determines what you will most deeply connect with. This may, consciously or subconsciously, have something to do with memory, as well (but it doesn't have to). Or it could just be how we perceive ourselves, which opens up another dialogue on what scents those closest to us connect with us, and why. In the eyes of our loved ones, do our choices fit us?
Then of course there is "When I wear this scent I feel like a...." which I think elaborates on a comment made about the sotd thread ("Today I was in the mood for...."). Maybe a certain 'fume isn't necessarily 'me,' but it does let me play dress-up for a spell.
This is why it's fun to have a little of everything. Because sometimes I just want to be able to have the aura of dark glamour that Bal a Versailles gives; sometimes I wish to be surrounded in the meditative state inducing incense of a Tibetan temple, a la Dzongkha; sometimes I want the lightheartedness of running barefoot through a field that Gap Heaven gives me. And sometimes I just want to feel like I have a big ol' tuberose tucked behind an ear.

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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I'm glad you pasted it here - I might have missed it otherwise!

    Yes - for me, your final paragraph applies. Different 'fumes let me dress up differently on different days. And I love your images! Now I'm going to simply HAVE to sniff Bal a Versailles and Gap Heaven. Wait - I DID sniff Gap Heaven! I think I remember it - and if I'm right, then I think you nailed it!
  2. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Hey Red, thanks for the visit and the kind words! Bal is fantastic. Mine is edt, but I understand you can't go wrong with any of the strengths. Red lipstick is optional.
  3. ECaruthers's Avatar
    I completely agree. Variety can itself be your "signature scent." Let someone else be the Shalimar Queen or the Gio Guy. You can be The Interesting One. Maybe the more perceptive will eventually be able to guess your mood before you speak.

    BTW, which is your androgynous leather & tobacco and which is your quirky gourmandy rose?
  4. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Hey Ed, thanks for your comment! I wear my emotions on my sleeve so there's really no guesswork involved as to what kind of mood I'm in . Let me just say I married a very patient man.

    There was a thread on the female boards a while back where the op picked a 'fume and the next poster picked the person he or she most closely related that scent with, then named another 'fume, and so on. How well do we know each other, I think it was called. It'd be fun to resurrect that one.

    The androgynous one is Tabac Blond, the quirky one is Tocade.
  5. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Ah, Tocade. I had to go smell it again. I only remembered the rose smell. Now I get the gourmand part. It's lighter than my "reference gourmand," L de Lolita Lempika.

  6. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    I've never smelled L de L. I really like LL original. For me Tocade always borders on being "too" something, (sweet, powdery?) but it never quite crosses the threshold and that makes it kind of charming, to me.
  7. telecaster's Avatar
    You are so right, L!! Some days I feel nostaligic and Old Spice becomes so appropriate! Other days I want a fresh, energetic boost and I go with an Aromatic! I may smell a fragrance and like it immediately thinking that I may not have because of the listed notes or even the brand. What I like is what I like!!? I enjoy the journey. Trying to have the right fragrance for the right mood.. or to even change my mood? Too much?? As I learn more and my nose becomes more trained, should I expect to be more discerining! Is that good or is it just a product of aquiring more perspective? Will I dislike 'fumes in the future which I love now?
    Great blog! So well vocalized!
  8. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Hey C! Lots of good stuff you just hit on. Nostalgia is powerful and discernment is relative. A few months ago I thought Hypnotic Poison was my HG; it had, at the time, been the only perfume I really connected with. I've since discovered 'fumes that more accurately reflect my tastes and personality now, and with that, HP has achieved a different sort of status. I think the more things change, the more they stay the same. Old Spice'll probably always be in your rotation, as HP will in mine, even though it's no longer my favorite. Maybe you won't dislike your old stuff, you'll just find other stuff you like more!
    What you said about the right 'fume to suit or change your mood is so true. Sometimes a tried-and-true is in order, sometimes a pick-me-up is. And it's cool that your nose and your brain are learning to transcend note pyramids and marketing! Self-awareness through 'fumes is surprising and cool, no?


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