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Corrupted memories

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So. We're talking about Ormonde Jayne Frangipane Absolut, one of my first informed fragrance purchases. I took it on my honeymoon (with one other fragrance) and loved it, wore it to work (loved it), wore it at weekends (loved it). Then, due to an error of packing and judgement, wore the tiniest spray to the hospital where my father-in-law was recovering from a heart attack. My lovely memories are now tinged with those of a sad and stressful time, with the added memory of my father-in law making a good stab at discarding his gown and setting off across the ward starkers. Which does not sit esily with the honeymoon memories, I have to say.

Years have passed, the bottle is still mostly full, and my husband has bought me the parfum version too. I still get a real mixed bag of memories every time I smell it.

I'm tempted to sell the original bottle, let someone make their own memories with it. Perhaps I can reclaim the good memories from the new bottle, which has been neither on honeymoon nor to hospital.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I do hope that you can resolve this somehow. Perhaps you're right - if the parfum version is a bit different, maybe you can create a new memory structure around it.

    Some of my old scents bring back mixed memories that I rarely wish to evoke. However, I have found that losing the bottle usually led to regrets, even if not until many years later. Sometimes it's healing to open old scrapbooks from tough times in our lives, so I tend to keep those scents around for the moment when I want to remember, no matter what happened.

    Very interesting stuff! (and I love your title, too. )


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