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I love Mr Hebe!

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He's been working in London today. Having quietly established that he wasn't working near Les Senteurs, I got on with my day.

Phone call 1: "Guess where I am?"
Me: (hopefully) "Outside the front door?"
Mr H: "Sorry, no, but I'm outside Penhaligons and would you like anything?"
Me: (hopefully): "A sample of Amaranthine please, if they have any".
Him: "ok, gotta go"

Phone call 2, 5 minutes later:
"They didn't have any samples, sorry. But they did have bottles so I bought one of those instead, I thought it smelled like you".

Updated 29th October 2009 at 05:25 PM by Hebe



  1. ubuandibeme's Avatar
    THAT is sweeet!
  2. VM I hate civet's Avatar
    Oh Hebe, how great is that??!!!! Very happy for you - and Mr Hebe's purchase will help to make this one a success... : - )
  3. ECaruthers's Avatar
    The rest of us will have to try and live up to his example.
  4. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Awwww. What a wonderful DH you have, Hebe!
  5. exquisitely me's Avatar
    Hebe, that is absolutely precious!! He sounds like a darling! Thanks for posting, its such a pleasure to hear real life love stories, even in tiny moments. Hugs and kisses to the both of you, and belated Happy Anniversary!!
  6. soirdelune's Avatar
    How fab is that?!

    That is wonderful! What a kind and lovely husband you have

    I do hope you enjoy the scent -- it really is lovely.

  7. ineespenes's Avatar
    That is so sweet!!!
  8. Haunani's Avatar
    What a delightfully thoughtful thing to do! I like the part where he said, "...I thought it smelled like you."
  9. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Very sweet.

    Guys - remember that thread about "what scent 'chicks' dig?" Well, consider this a demonstration of picking the correct fragrance and the correct method of application.
  10. Hebe's Avatar
    He is now suitably proud at having been blogged about too.

    I love the scent, it changes so much and provides so much to think about if I take the opportunity to do so. I love the drydown, have never smelt anything quite like its dairy spiciness.


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