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Guerlain Boisé Torride: A Prediction Materialized

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In August 2008, based on an entry I found in the European Community Trademarks Database, I predicted that an upcoming Guerlain fragrance would be named Bois Torride. I speculated that it would be part of the L'Art et la Matière line.

In August 2009 (you can tell I've been absent from the fragrance scene for a while, you know, finishing my law degree and such?), Perfume Shrine confirmed that the name would actually be Boisé Torride, and it would be part of the Elixirs Charnels line. Grain de Musc seized on the news, and I can't tell whether or not Carmencanada was being snippy or merely clarifying things for her readers when she emphasized that the name was "not 'bois' as has been reported." I'd just like to point out that, if you search the database right now, the trademark registration is still for "Bois Torride." Seems there might be some lack of communication between Guerlain's marketing and legal departments!

As an aside, and contrary to my initial reaction, I realize that it would be most ungracious of me to be bothered that Perfume Shrine is getting all the credit for my prediction of last August. Helg is a lovely person (who was recently kind enough to send me a wax sample of Fourreau Noir!), and she maintains a great, high-profile blog. I also probably shouldn't be bothered that, as it would appear from the comments on the linked Perfume Shrine entry, Octavian Coifan has now taken up my strategy of searching the EU trademarks database for Guerlain news! I personally am extremely excited about Tonka Impériale, tonka being possibly my favourite note, but I can't find it in the database anywhere. Hm... how odd...

Updated 4th November 2009 at 02:45 PM by kopah

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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yes, I had caught that reference to your earlier finding when I was reading Helg's post after I got a sample of Boisé Torride. Good catch! I don't know if the blog entry on Perfume Shrine has changed or not, but at least when I saw it, I thought that it did give you adequate if not complete credit (I clearly saw that it was your scoop, and a pretty impressive one at that, IMO).

    Interesting that the same technique is not working for Tonka Impériale. If it's what I think we both suspect, then it would not be the first time that legal submissions have changed in response to how and by whom they are being reviewed!

    I do have to say that I like the scent. I don't think it's my favorite Guerlain by any means, but it's a decent scent, and very memorable among gourmands. But I'm definitely with you on looking forward to a new tonka scent!
  2. kopah's Avatar
    True - right at the beginning of the linked entry, Helg refers back to her post of last August, in which she explicitly credits (and quotes) me. I don't think I had caught that when I posted this entry initially.
  3. carmencanada's Avatar
    Kopah, I wasn't being snippy, just correcting the information by giving the fragrance its definitive name. And I wasn't seizing on the news: I was reviewing the scent... "Boisé" makes sense within the context of the line which has a chypre, an oriental and a gourmand, all three, like "Boisé", the names of perfume families. Don't know why the legal department goofed up...
    Anyway, congrats on the sleuthing!
  4. kopah's Avatar
    Geez, what was wrong with me when I wrote this entry? Sorry for the insinuation, carmencanada. I'm far too easily-offended!
  5. carmencanada's Avatar
    Well, no offense taken on this side... ;-)


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