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I miss my sense of smell

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I have recently been plagued with an upper respiratory infection that was shortly followed by my current sinus infection. I miss enjoying my fragrances. I feel so distant from Basenotes right now because it only makes me feel sad about my current olfactory shortcomings. I miss everyone here in the Basenotes community and really look forward to being back and active here soon.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I do feel sorry for you - hope the little doggie in the picture is keeping you good company. Please take heart - you'll be back and better than ever, I'm sure. I find that colds and flu and sinus woes, once cured, have a way of rejuvenating my sense of smell. Not sure how it works, but I don't question it. I do hope you have the same experience.

    Get well soon!
  2. laral28's Avatar
    Thanks so much. After spending way too much time with my NetiPot I am starting to feel a little better. Put on a little solid Gardenia Pompon this morning. Couldn't smell much but it made me feel better. Thanks again.
  3. lightgreen22's Avatar
    I hope you get well soon Laral, it that darn transition between fall and winter that gets all of my allergies running


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