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Charmingly cheap! - Guerlain Insolence

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Today I'm sampling Guerlain Insolence EDP, courtesy of the lovely ubu and an embarassingly slow UK postal service.

This scent makes me smile. It makes me think of Emily Lloyd as the teenage strumpet in Wish You Were Here, with its minxy brazen hussy-ness. It puts me in mind of all those British euphemisms for girls having fun - cheap, easy, the village bike and there are plenty more that escape me this early in the day. It reminds me of the girl in every 6th form who had both the grades and the boys, and if she slipped on the grades it was only ever from an A to a B.

This is a scent that smells unapologetically of perfume, in a way that many don't. This is Lipstick Rose in her slutty youth before she eased off on the violets and settled down. This would never pass as any kind of skin scent - though I haven't reached the drydown yet I'm fairly sure that this isn't one of those Your Smell But Better perfumes so loved on MakeUpAlley. And it's all the better for that. I love it, my grey day is already brighter for it. Mr Hebe loves it and has gone off to work with a twinkle in his eye muttering mmmmmmm. I think I'm on a promise xoxoxo


  1. VM I hate civet's Avatar
    Wish You Were Here is a great film! I am so happy for you that you have discovered another scent to love. How nice that your DH likes it too - the concept of the perfume-related twinkly eye is unknown in this household, sadly. : - (
  2. Evangeline's Avatar
    Nice job - thanks Hebe!

    This doesn't seem to get much respect around here, I suppose because it's not a serious fragrance...? You make it sound so charming and flirty...actually, I guess you said "slutty", and that's just fine by me. I adore Lipstick Rose, and I usually enjoy anything described as "perfumey" - if my perception is at all similar to yours than I'm sure I'll enjoy it, too! And it's a big plus to have a vote of approval from your DH. I usually wear what pleases me, but I always hope my finance will like it, too. I don't know how I've missed sampling this - I'll certainly move it to the top of my list now.
  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Ooooo! Great post! I love your description of this one! Very nice images. Charming and cheap definitely works for me. And the name.... it's all making sense, now. I seem to recall liking this one better than "My Insolence", whereas my wife liked that one better. Snafoo just sent me a sample of Insolence Eau Glacée and I like that quite a bit, too (very fresh and cool).

    I love the idea of "perfume-related twinkly eye". Yes, I'll take a bottle of that!
  4. inscentiable's Avatar
    I see this a lot at my local TJ Maxx at a good price point... you've convinced me to give it a go now!
  5. ubuandibeme's Avatar
    Nice commentary Hebe! You really pinned this one down nicely!
  6. lightgreen22's Avatar
    Nice review, LT describes this as "tumbling out on stage" and I love it, its just so unabashdly awkward , you just can't help but to love it!
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