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The Adventures of a Canadian Fragonaut

Finding Comfort in Yatagan?

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Caron's Yatagan has a reputation as a balls-to-the-wall, uber-masculine fragrance. It's almost certainly added to the list whenever someone asks on the Forums which fragrances project an I-Don't-Give-a-Damn-What-You-Think attitude. That would suggest that Yatagan is rather harsh, brutish and aggressive.

Yet, that's not at all the kind of vibe and impression that I get from Yatagan. Far from it.

I pick up the celery note, the pine note, and certainly the bitterness and woodiness of the wormwood note. I pick up all of that, and yet the final effect for me is one of comfort, mellowness and calm confidence. Yatagan calms my heart and brings a smile to my face. Far closer to Mr. Rogers than Rambo.

I had purchased Yatagan expecting something bold, brash and aggressive. When I first tried it and rode it all the way from its topnotes all the way through the drydown to its basenotes, I was disappointed. This wasn't what I was looking for! But when I wore it the second time, without trying to force it to be what I wanted it to be, I started to appreciate it as calming and comforting.

I'm sure many BNer's will say this is crazy-talk, but that is seriously how Yatagan comes across for me!

I write this on a Saturday, and I had a relaxing day planned - hit the wine store and pick out something nice, grab some groceries for some new recipes I'm trying out in the kitchen, and then get to work on the new dishes. It was very much a jeans and sweatshirt kind of day (and jacket and winter boots... hey, this *is* Canada in February!), and I must have had a mischievous smirk on my face when I reached for Yatagan this morning. Then, for the rest of the day, I have enjoyed the unique experience that is Yatagan! Each time I caught the bitter, herbal notes, it strikes me as something warm and soothing, something with masculine strength but also softness.

I suppose sometimes different people can pick up the exact same notes but their minds interpret it completely differently!

I may be the only one calling Yatagan a comfort scent, but that's just part of what makes choosing which fragrance to wear such an individual choice

If you also find Yatagan far from aggressive, write a comment. If you think this is completely bonkers and that I've got a few wires crossed, write a comment


  1. JaimeB's Avatar
    The name says "butch:" it's a Turkish word for a kind of scimitar. But I think you're right. It is comforting, at least to a guy. At least to this guy, as well as to you, I see. I feel wrapped up in a warm winter coat with this one. Safe and warm and all ready to face the cold world... Well, not so cold in California as in Canada, I guess...
  2. thebeck's Avatar
    I absolutely agree 100% It has always been comforting to me also. I've never understood " The -I- Don't-Give- a-Damn-What-You-Think-Attitude deal is all about. Just the opposite is true. I do care and and feel wonderful about myself each and everytime I wear Yatagan. I've even had women come up to in the grocery store and ask what I'm wearing, and go as far as asking me to write it down on paper, what it is, and where to get it. Maybe you and I have ther perfect skin type for Yatagan. Aren't we lucky.
  3. fraddicted's Avatar
    echerub: Just read your post and I can agree in that Yatagan is very different than what you would expect after reading the reviews here. I only have the remains of a 2.5ml decant from Perfumed Court but am certainally going to make the purchase of a full bottle soon. Really do find the fragrance extremely satisfying and pleasant. Much more so that the decants of Jules and Derby I ordered at the same time. Yatagan is very approachable and, for me, wearable.
  4. Ab74's Avatar
    I had an opportunity to try this on a paper strip for the first time just last weekend.. After hearing it discussed here on BN I placed that paper towards my nose with a fair amount of caution, but the overall initial impression was more of a "Now that's not so tough.. Kind of nice, actually!" Very much like approaching someone with a reputation for being somewhat of a cold and callous bully and finding out that deep down they're pretty decent and nice, just incredibly misunderstood.

    Since it's as affordable as it is (I've seen it for around $25 at various online stores) I'm looking forward to picking it up.. I'm looking forward to getting to know Yatagan a bit better and exploring it's softer side.

    Thanks again for the review!


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