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Nostalgia scent--Avon little girls' lipstick

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I've been searching high and low (on the internet) for clues as to the source of a scent that I first encountered in the late 1960's.

My mom once included in her Avon order a small "play" lipstick intended for little girls. In addition to the cover having a bright fun pattern, I recall that the plastic cap had a flat circular piece at the top with a cartoon-like face of a little girl. I think that the lipstick was packaged to look like a little girl, with the covered container representing her body and the circular piece at the top of the cover being her head.

The scent of the lipstick was so striking, it stayed with me through the years. As time went by I would occasionally again encounter the unmistakable scent--sometimes on other lipsticks, sometimes in the perfumed scent of a passerby.

I would describe the scent as somewhat waxy, though different from the waxy scent you typically find in lipsticks nowadays. (It's been MANY years since I've encountered a lipstick with this scent. Perhaps the scent came from one of the ingredients that formed the lipstick itself--i.e., maybe it wasn't an added fragrance.) There was a hint of a floral scent, but not in an overly sweet way. (I purchased a sample of Lipstick Red thinking this might have captured the elusive scent, but Lipstick Red is NOTHING like the scent I recall--it's a much too old fashioned, overly sweet, grandma's sort of fragrance.

The last time a recall encountering this scent was about two years ago, and I REALLY wish I'd asked the lady wearing it what the fragrance was.

Any ideas, anyone?


  1. Hebe's Avatar
    Hi and Welcome!

    Did you mean "Lipstick Rose" rather than "Lipstick Red"? That would have been my suggestion. Many people here of all ages (myself included) love that one and would not necessarily define it as a "Grandma's" scent, but you can learn more about that debate on the various "old lady" threads in the Female Fragrance discussion boards.

    Could the note have been a parma violet note? That was commonly used in childrens' cosmetics.
  2. luthais62's Avatar
    Yes, I DID mean Lipstick Rose-sorry about that. Lipstick Rose is lovely, but MUCH more floral than the scent I'm thinking of. Thanks for the parma violet suggestion. I'll see if I can locate it and give it a try.

    Having thought about it some more, I remember that cosmetic counters used to often give away lipstick sample of various colors for women to try out. They would usually be in plain white plastic containers and--size wise--look like a lipstick for a child's doll--very miniaturized. (Again, this would a be from the 1960's-70's era.) These lipsticks almost always had that scent.


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