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Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

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Comme des Garcons Sherbet Series: Rhubarb to be precise.

I caught the dregs of a tester of this at the Basenotes Lunch in August, snatched in my last few seconds in Liberty's. It was tantalisingly faint and faded within seconds, not helped by all the stronger scents that I'd be sampling. I finally ordered it last week, and here it is today.

First off, this appealed to me in many ways before I'd even taken the cap off. The packaging is gorgeously simple. The tiny white glass bottle, which had been outside for a couple of hours, was smooth and cool in my hand, and clinked perfectly against my wedding ring.

The smell is everything that I was looking for earlier this year, when I was looking for a green scent. To me, it has that same snapped stem feeling as l'Ombre dans l'Eau, but quieter and closer. The rhubarb is certainly there, but is the fresh stick version rather than crumble and custard (though I would be quite happy with that too!). To continue with the comparison, whereas l'Ombre dans l'Eau moves on to a jammy note (though not on me), this one is sweetly complete in itself.

This year has brought some stand-out perfumes to my collection - Ormonde Woman, Timbuktu, Amaranthine, and I am so happy that this simple fresh little thing is now mine too. Hurrah, I have a green!

So what else has a good rhubarb note?

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  1. tigrushka's Avatar
    I love CdG Rhubarb, too!

    You might like YSL Baby Doll or Live Jazz, both have a rhubarb note.

    Baby Doll
    Top notes: Gooseberry, Grapefruit and Rhubarb.
    Middle notes: Wild Rose and Freesia.
    Base notes: Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom

    Live Jazz
    Top notes: Mint, grapefruit and lemon.
    Heart notes: Coriander and rhubarb.
    Base notes: Nutmeg, amber, vanilla and cedar.
  2. Bigsly's Avatar
    Ciel mon Jardin! has very strong rhubarb, with vanilla. I don't consider it a "crumble and custard" kind, but I wouldn't say it's especially "green" either. It is certainly a frag the rhubarb lover must try !
  3. Hebe's Avatar
    Thank you! I think I may have a Baby Doll mini, Tigs, so will search that one out. Those are my kind of notes. I will look for Ciel mon Jardin too, that sounds worth a try.
  4. JaimeB's Avatar
    Ungaro Apparition Homme and Apparition Homme Intense both have a pretty noticeable rhubarb note, reinforced by anise and licorice. The Intense flanker is a little nicer to my nose: the black pepper is gone (and not missed), there is some star anise and coriander in the heart that bring out the rhubarb and licorice a little better, and the base note is strengthened by the addition of oriental notes (vanilla and amber) to the bare vetiver of the original. If you like rhubarb, this is definitely worth a sniff.
  5. Hebe's Avatar
    Rhubarb, anise and licorice..... wow! Mr Hebe would hate it, but wow.... Thank you!


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