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In Singapore ...

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Ok .. So I've moved back to Singapore. Started a new username and starting all over again. It was tough that I had to decide to give away half my perfumes in Australia and can only struggle to bring the other half back, along with half my collection of aromachemicals.

I miss my perfume buddy Jocelyn and I miss my access to unlimited supplies of e.oils. But being in Asia means I can get my hands on some real musk and ambergris without flouting the law.

Yes I make perfumes, but no, I don't sell them. I share them though. I wear anything except celebrity-named junk.

I crave: Tom Ford Private Blend, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, Frederic Malle, anything by JCE, Serge Lutens.

Fellow Singaporeans, please msg me. I am having withdrawals from not having someone to talk perfume with.


  1. MFJ's Avatar
    It is simply amazing to get in touch with you again after so many years (almost a decade), through Basenotes, of all places haha! And to be more than pleasantly surprised to find out that a friend (you) I know outside of Basenotes is equally obsessed with fragrances! This is indeed very very rare!


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