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Chypres and Marshmallows

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Over the last year or so, I have researched scents on Basenotes and other blogs. Though I want to try try them all, I tend to get overwhelmed in discount stores with tons of bottles. I tend to be wearing fragrance and the odd Bath and Bodyworks sanitizer/lotion as I work in an animal shelter. Being inundated with effluvia just sealed my love of soaps and perfume.

I ended up trying Organza, Jean Paul Gaultier and First Premier Bouquet. I had purchased First the week before for a Holiday gift to myself. I took a whiff of Songes, Tea Rose, and With Love. Surprisingly enough, I ended up buying M by Mariah Carey. I read from Michael Edward's site that it is very close to Amarige, which also want to try.

First Premier Bouquet, reminded me a lot of Luscious Pink, light, beautiful, effusive, young, springtime.

The hubby adored Organza, which I also really enjoyed the drydown of. I love a good quality buy. I'm almost embarrased that I fell head over heels in love with sweetness, light and incense

I have a relatively small list of perfumes that I know I will love, but for now, I am happy that I have chosen those that comfort me while pushing the outer edge

Thank you all for being here and for contributing your thoughts.



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