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Two Years After The Fact....

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It's been 2 years since i've joined Basenotes on that fateful day after I purchased my very first bottle with my own money, Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male. Ever since then, it's been a roller coaster ride of many, many designer scents, lots of sampling, and then finally settling with what I really like that's easily accessible. Let's face it, I'll never be into niche scents. That's just too much money to spend for me and my tastes are rather, how you say, "simplistic". Despite being a bit of a fragrance freak amongst friends and knowing what's out there, my nose is still pretty simple. I still can't distinguish most of the common notes found in fragrances. You know what though? It's okay.

Bottom line lately is that I know what I like and that's the most important thing. Reviews are only there to help me decide what to try out, not buy. My nose and how I feel about wearing something determines if I'll ever buy a bottle. Hype and popularity doesn't phase me as long as I like the scent (and as long as it's not Acqua Di Gio). With what started as one big 4.2 oz bottle of Le Male and exploded into a collection that was about 12-13 bottles at some point. Now we're at the present where pretty much all of my original bottles from back then are all gone. It's just down to four bottles. Thierry Mugler Cologne, Chanel Allure Blanche, Rochas Man, and finally, YSL L'Homme. L'Homme being the "Ah, I don't care how popular it is, I love this stuff!" bottle.

Through my journey and oddball obession at some point, I've managed to make it a little more acceptable to spritz on some smell juice from time to time. I've introduced one friend to Bulgari Aqua (which I gave what was remaining of my bottle to him), another one to Thierry Mugler Cologne (who loved Irish Spring soap), and L'eau Par Kenzo (which I also had a bit left from my bottle, which was bestowed upon him). Then there were a couple here and there that were on the fence about buying anything, one of which was already a bit of a casual fragrance fan ended up with my almost full bottle of Geir Ness. I liked it, but I felt he liked it more, plus I didn't have a wedding gift at the time I gave it to him. After a while, a few more friends ended up getting a bottle or two of cologne since I started to wear it myself.

Now it feels like ages ago when I used to rely on my trusty bottles of Axe Tsunami and Phoenix with my Old Spice or Axe body wash. Not like those things were bad, a clean smell is a clean smell. However, with the colognes I now wear, there's nothing like wearing a very good fragrance you're happy with that's more than just "smelling clean". Will I buy another bottle again? Perhaps. Would I ever have up to 10 bottles at a time? Hell to the NO! On a side note, while watching a YouTuber's (Marc) reviews online, I realized I've been butchering a lot more names than I thought. So I finally learned how to say "Thierry Mugler". Figures the guy who gets 'em all right is some Canadian who's taken French.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Congratulations, Rawk Lee. I think I joined just a bit after you did, and I'll admit it - your friendly presence and appreciation for designer scents was one of the reasons I started posting here. Plus, I'm an anime fan and always liked your avatar.

    So here you go - cheers - and to many more years on Basenotes!

  2. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Hey, Rawk, congratulations. You've found out what you like. You have a good knowledge of what's available. And you've helped part of the world around you smell better. If there were some sort of BN Merit Badge for Service to the Community, you should qualify.
  3. Surfacing's Avatar
    Thanks for the read, Rawk Lee. I did enjoy it.

    I envy you, that you are easy to please. I'm the opposite unfortunatly, waaay too pickey !! And never satisfied and always searching....but things are getting better now

    Thanks goodness for Basenotes, where we ( guys) can take the fragrance obssesion to another level. I've tried getting into the fragrance discussion with friends of mine, but no such luck. Some wear them, others stick to Axe...but either way, I just cannot discuss what I want and how I want with them.

    Oh, forgot...Happy 2nd brithday on Basenotes
    Updated 28th December 2009 at 08:41 PM by Surfacing
  4. Hollandaze's Avatar
    Actually, if I was easy to please, I'd have a ton of bottles. Right now I have 4, I'm just more simplistic with my tastes more so than easy to please. Haha. Even though I'm no longer actively purchasing bottles, I just like offering my perspective to newbies with mindset that I too, was a newbie at some point. So I just try to remember what it was like when I started. I'll always keep sniffing whatever's new, hot, or something hyped that i never got around to checking out. I might try to see if I can get decants of things that might tickle my fancy. That's always one way to stay in the hobby without purchasing bottles.
    Updated 30th December 2009 at 08:56 AM by Hollandaze
  5. Surfacing's Avatar
    Oh ! Sorry man, I didn't intentionally want to write "easy to please", but rather just kind of rewrite the term "simplistic"...LOL

    Hey, I do enjoy your blog and do think it is great that you are here to guide those guys whom are new so this fragrance fascination. Really important, I believe. It really is a jungle out there. Not just for what to sample and how it is presented, but in other ways as well.

    Getting the thoughts of someone who is at least 2 years into this habit helps many

    And about the decants, yes they help alot. I highly recommend going that route, although I have been adding more and more full bottles as of late.


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