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At The Waning Blue Hours of the End of Oughts - A Mini Review

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Amouage Epic and a wonderful Italian restaurant with my husband and son. Beautiful peppery rose opening that lasts for a couple of hours. Then at the start of dinner the fragrance just opens up and gives an "epic" performance of roses, spices...everything it got. Then as we started driving home the fragrance just centers itself into a low flame of incense with a hint of the sweetness that was there all along. Overall, we all ate well and hubby was able to share in the perfume's various stages. The sillage was 6-12 inches according to hubby. We were driving home listening to live jazz and the fragrance really was very complementary to the music.

Now we are home listening to the Philharmonic, desert of tiramisu, champagne, and connect four.

Happy End of Oughts.


Updated 9th January 2010 at 04:10 AM by DeniDithyrambia

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