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Technical Difficulties or Mercury In Retrograde

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My boss said Mercury is in retrograde. It is a time that communications and get stuck, and it is a time to slow down and be reflective. All I know is I have to deal with a painful outpatient surgery and just one of those weeks. I always feel off kilter after a couple weeks off. I am a low ebb, because my vacations are not normally relaxing, but busy.

Then I set up this blog and I cannot seem to have people post. I think I may have fixed it. Not sure. Love to have feedback.

So at low ebb, I needed my security scent Chamade parfum to get me through it. Chamade is my bottle of sunshine as it smells like a warm sunbeam shining down on a fluffy down bed with silk sheets.
Lyric is a new one -- it is a crowd-pleaser and I am warming up to it too. It is so hard when I compare it with Epic. Then Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, just didn't work yesterday. I am not sure now that I have it, that I am loving it. It is so hard because nothing stands up to Chamade really.

I am eagerly awaiting my Parfum de Therese 10ml purse spray.


  1. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Hi, Deni,

    I'm interested in how you're using Chamade or other 'fumes in your recovery. Is it just pleasure distracting from discomfort? Does wearing them to bed make sleep better? I'm especially interested because I'm recovering from hip replacement surgery two weeks ago & still having trouble sleeping.

  2. DeniDithyrambia's Avatar
    I cannot say that perfume takes away the pain or that it has any healing mechanism to it, but what I can say is that when I felt pain and I wore Chamade it was a comfort to me. The scent simply gave me a place to go other than the pain place, perhaps it is similar to meditation. It really doesn't have to be Chamade, but a fragrance that makes you incredibly happy and safe and is beautiful.

    I haven't really experimented using perfume as a sleeping aid. One of the things I have noticed is that when I wear perfume I breathe in more deeply taking in the lovely scents than when I don't wear anything. Breathing more deeply does two things: it relaxes you and takes in more oxygen which does contribute to healing.

    When my late boss who loved perfumes was in the hospital we would bring perfume to her and even her neighbor was interested in smelling them. I noticed that there was some therapeutic benefit in the sense they were transported to somewhere other than a dreary hospital. Plus hospitals, treatments, and all the stuff the goes along with conditions, injuries, and sicknesses tend to feel dehumanizing. I find that wearing or smelling a fine perfume can overcome that feeling.

    I know it is hard to sleep when you cannot do the things that are the best way to get to sleep like exercise. What I can suggest is see if your pain management is sufficient or if your pain management meds are perhaps causing sleeplessness. You may just want to check in with your doctor and see what they recommend for you. There are also tips on good sleep hygiene which involves limiting certain activities, drinks, or foods before you go to bed.

    I wish I can offer a way out of your pain and sleeplessness, but all I can give you is my sympathy and hope this helps on some level. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try perfumes at night that would relax you and transport you to a place where you are not thinking about your hip, but visualize laying in a field of flowers or in my case laying on a fluffy bed with silk sheets with a warm sunbeam shining on me and with the knowledge I am in a flat in Paris with the view of the Eiffel tower.

    Another thing I found useful in the past is Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Brainwave suite which I haven't tried in awhile, because I couldn't find the delta wave disk and I sleep in a family bed, but it is Alpha, Theta, Delta and the Awakened Mind Pattern. It is very soothing and got me to sleep by the time Delta kicked in. It would be cool to see how the brainwave and perfume would do. I also find classical music helpful. Deep and slow breathing helps too.

    Best wishes and Be Well
  3. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Thanks, Deni,
    I'm hoping the pain pills are the problem. My hip pain is pretty well gone and I haven't taken a pill for two days. As was already down to 3-4 half pills per day. So maybe this is withdrawal and I'll be through it in a day or two.

    In the meantime, I'll post my experience with different 'fumes at bedtime in an Aromatherapy thread in the Fragrance Industry Discussion.
  4. DeniDithyrambia's Avatar
    Just for the record the fumes used in the hospital was Diorissimo parfum and EDP, Dior J'Adore Absolu, and Orange Blossom by Jo Malone. There were others, but I forgot -- perhaps one of my Guerlains and What I would do is just bring a box of my perfumes and see what she was in the mood for.


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