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The Elusive Bottle #7

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I was just randomly thinking. So far my wardrobe will hit 6 full bottles sometime next week when I receive my 3.4 oz bottle of Versace The Dreamer and my 1.7 oz bottle of Banana Republic Slate. I've been avoiding getting up to bottle #7 for the longest time and I won't buy anything until one of the bottles runs out or I end up giving away 1-2 bottles (well, when they're past the half way point).

I randomly decided just now since the number "7" is a lucky number (especially in Chinese culture), bottle #7 is going to be somewhat special. The number "6" is a homonym (thanks jayjupes!) for "blessing" and also for "drop", "fall", or "decline" (literally means "roll", actually) in Cantonese culture. I think it would be neat that if I were to date someone, bottle #7 would be chosen by her and her only. LOL, it sounds silly. Believe me.

By all means, I'm not the most social person I know, but I'm not very introverted by any stretch of the imagination. I've always been comfortable being single and having friends and family be my company often. However, I've been single for almost 9 years and I haven't really been back on that whole dating thing since then. I figured, "okay, who ever's going to break me out of this drought, hand picks her favorite fragrance that I don't have as my 7th bottle." Chances are, it's likely she'd really like at least one I'd wear.

Let's hope the next one loves and hand picks Terre d'Hermes and isn't into Acqua Di Gio. I wore AdG around my last girlfriend (no complaints of course). I'm no push over, so "I'D" also have to agree on the next bottle. Nothing sucks more than wearing something that someone else loves, but you don't. Rule #1 when buying a new bottle is to make sure at least YOU like it. Not a significant other, not your best friend, not your roommate, not a forum full of Basenoters, not your cousin's uncle's pet Pomeranian. It starts with you. In the event you and the other person split up, you'll likely detest the scent a lot less that way down the road. :P LOL.

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    ROFL. I didn't realize I spelled that. HORRIBLE. Fixed now.


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