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What Fragrance Cometh?

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Good Morning!

I'll make this my shortest blog post ever - and also the longest.

I was so moved by the beauty and emotional outpouring of my fellow Basenoters who submitted perfume briefs - and so wanting to honor and praise every one of them - that I joined them together into a poem by which I can always remember them. It was too big to put here (twice Grant's limit), so I had to put it on my other blog.

I refer to every brief, although some only serve as critical words in my verse, while others border on story. Think of them as my fanfic of your beautiful theoretical perfumes. There are many other thoughts on perfume used as mortar to join them - think of the whole thing as my reaction to your work.

Here you go, my wonderful friends.


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  1. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Most excellent, Red. Whatever briefs are chosen, I think your verses should be included on the bottle labels.

    And I love your phrase, "Information by diffusion."
  2. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Thanks, Ed! I really appreciate that you like it. I was just so moved by the briefs, and then the words "Sing to me, a coastal song..." - while listening to music - and it was pretty much a foregone conclusion at that point. I simply couldn't stop.

    Putting other people's ideas into my own words helped me see their meaning, or at the very least, the possibility of what they could mean to me. It was a most extraordinary experience. And while I simply could not suppress many layers of personal meaning, I did my best to provide for all of my friends to read meaningfully without offense. I did feel it a wonderful opportunity to provide for it to have meaning beyond the end of the Fragrance Project.

    Again, thanks!
  3. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    Red, I loved that poem! In fact I posted a comment on the blog on that particular post, but it must have been deleted.
    Still, it was a rhyme of epic proportions... thanks for the mention
  4. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    doublepost - apologies!
    Updated 13th January 2010 at 10:51 PM by Sorcery of Scent
  5. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    No problem, Dimitri. I'll check to see if there's some kind of moderation on the comments. I think we have it set to make people log in or something - that might be too restrictive.

    It was a lot of fun. I love slightly humorous rhymes, ever since my grandmother gave me a book by a poet of such rhymes, signed by the man, when I was a little kid. Lost to the ages, I'm afraid, but maybe my brother has it somewhere.

    I enjoyed reading everybody's briefs, and hope that I can now make some comments on them, which help to point out their most positive aspects. I don't really know which briefs hold the key to success, and trust in our "folks" to figure that out. But I hope that by making sure we don't overlook the best qualities in the briefs, they will pick wisely. I think all of the briefs can be interpreted beautifully, and I hope with all my heart that this happens. Not just once, but three time!

    Thanks again, Dimi! I really appreciate your nice comments!
  6. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    OK so here is my original comment as it appeared (for a few hours) on your blog:

    An epic rhyme of vast proportion
    Words arranged with shrewd contortion
    Wit and savvy in every stanza
    Compliments to you for this extravaganza!

  7. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    LOL! I love it, Dimi! Ah, you've got the spirit! I wanted to say something about hoping for comments in rhyme, but I didn't even have to tell you. Of course not! This made my day!

    It turns out that we had things set rather funny on the comments, and evidently lost a lot of them for the last few weeks. Oh, well. So it goes. I might make an apology post at some point. But anyway, thanks again for your wonderful reply!


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