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Sometimes It Is Not A Gushing Love Fest, Part Two

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Sometimes you find yourself feeling like someone took a handful of green flower stems and thwacked you across the face.

That is how I felt when I tried the vintage Vent Vert by Balmain for the first time. It is Spring on steroids for sure. Intellectually, I appreciated the skill and the idea of the greenest green smell. It is the only parfum that has made me laugh. This parfum has an attitude. It tells you quite plainly that you might think you know the smell of green spring and then takes you and shoves your nose into grass and stems and greenness. If memory serves this could be a great St. Patrick's Day scent.

A friend tells me that the newer version of Vent Vert is milder and at some point I will have to take her up on a swap, as she loves green fragrances.
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