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Poppin' the Cherry On My Nose: My Very First Bottle

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I was 17 at the time and no, it wasn't a story on a zit. This story was inspired by this thread and I figured my post would be too winded to fit in a single sentence. I felt a blog post would be suitable for such a topic because folks, I have a story to tell. I suppose this is a precursor to one of my first blog posts almost 2 years ago (been THAT long?).

I must've posted this story a million times on this site beause I always felt that the story was relevant as a background to whatever the hell I was talking about. However, this time I'll go into detail. Anyway, it was the summer of 1998 and I just finished my junior year of high school. I was visiting the Scarborough area of Toronto where my mom's side of the family's from. I have this trendy metrosexual uncle who thought it'd be a great idea to bring me to a purfumery shop. During my prior 3 years in high school, a lot of dudes I knew wore Tommy and Polo Sport. So cologne was fairly common and those were the two.

I was pretty stoked at having my very first bottle of cologne because all the popular kids wore that stuff. I told my uncle, "Hey, I want Polo sport!" He told me, "No, that one's terrible and only kids wear that one. Here, try these two." Then he told the guy at the shop to spray two sample strips. They were....wait for it. L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake and the, now overly popular, Armani Acqua Di Gio. I smelled both on the paper strip and my uncle was trying to sniff with me and help me pick. He said the L'eau d'Issey was really nice and the Acqua Di Gio was a very fresh scent. I know, pretty bad descriptions. I believe L'eau d'Issey was what he personally liked wearing or smelling.

The first thing I asked was, "So, which one's newer? I want the newer one." "Then that would be the Armani." "Cool, I'll take the Armani!" My uncle paid and I thanked him. I forgot how much longer I stayed in Canada since then, so that's all I could recall. I just remembered I had no clue how to wear cologne and I have no idea what my application methods were at the time. I just remembered before going to work at Kmart, I gave myself 2-3 sprays and then put on my white polo shirt, then my stupid red vest. During the last of the summer heat before fall rolled in, oh man, this stuff was nice.

So in high school, in the sea of Polo Sport and Tommy, that was probably the only time ever in my entire life where I stood alone wearing Acqua Di Gio. Can you guys believe that!? I wore it throughout high school. I wore it sparringly through my first couple years of college. A couple years later, the stupid nozzle broke. I was so bummed I just didn't wear it anymore for months. The only way to get the juice out was to push down the plastic part where the atomizer nozzle used to be. I even tried once to open the bottle up, but to no avail.

Also, the popularity of the fragrance started to catch on. One of my friends had a large bottle of it when I saw it on his desk and he said "Oh, Acqua Di Gio, I have a big bottle of that over there! I really like it!" Pretty much every guy who's ever owned a bottle of cologne wanted Acqua Di Gio because girls like it. It didn't take long after I got AdG that it would get popular with folks my age. I did wear it on a regular basis when I had my last girlfriend in 2001. I remembered a couple years ago, I asked her, "Hey, did I wear cologne when we were together?" "Yea." "Was it that Armani stuff?" "Yup, you wore Armani." No wonder she kept my shirt for months well...until we split up.

During the last quarter ounce of that bottle's life, I dabbed it behind my ears and neck. Eventually that bottle ran out and I was too lazy to throw it away. So that empty bottle was sitting in my drawer. As I was cleaning my room years ago, I threw away that empty bottle of Acqua di Gio. I wished I had kept it as a momento. Then I entered the dark ages where I was wearing Axe body spray for the next 3-4 years while using Axe or Old Spice body wash. I did remember before buying Le Male in December of 2007, I did ponder getting a bottle of Hugo Boss because it was a basic scent. I was pretty close to buying a bottle at a local Macy's after smelling a scent strip. I think it was the start of my subscription of GQ, so those damn fragrance ads almost got me. After all, that's how I got Le Male, which I smelled in the last 1-2 issues of GQ during my subscription. A few months after my return to the world of colognes (sometime in early 2008), I went to a Macy's and sprayed AdG on my arm for old time's sake. I didn't remember it being that citrusy, but I did remember it having a mineral aquatic note in it that I loved.

Well, also around the time I made my return, I also owned a bottle of Bulgari Aqua. I found out about Aqua through Basenotes and someone said it was a grown up version of Acqua Di Gio. So the mineral notes brought me back and that's where the present met the past. It was a contrast between the young teenage high school/college kid and the late 20's, career-oriented professional that I am now. Damn, I miss my bottle of Bulgari Aqua. That'll have to wait until something else in my wardrobe runs out. After all, I'm sticking with the #7 bottle plan. Maybe I should have purchased another bottle of Aqua instead of Slate. My friend doesn't really wear the bottle of Aqua that I gave him, so at least I know that no one else I hang out with wears it. Far cry from when my eyes would light up when someone else wore Acqua Di Gio and liked it as much as I did when I was a teen.

Say, I'm sure a gal would want to wear my Kenneth Cole button up shirt with a woodsy, vanilla scent trail of Allure Edition Blanche on it. LOL.

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  1. jayjupes's Avatar
    nobody told me about this 7 bottle rule!
    though, with the drugstore stuff i buy on the cheap from amazon, i could buy 20 fragrances a year and not feel it...
  2. Hollandaze's Avatar
    Oh, the 7 bottle rule is my own rule. Believe me, everyone else here goes nuts and I'm one of the very few who hasn't. Haha. I'm just showing restraint and the next bottle #7 would be somewhat monumental for me.


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