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This is the amount of bottles of fragrance we own between us.

I'm currently working out the recoding of the wardrobes and thought I would share.

If we make a wild assumption that we each have about 50ml left of each fragrance
its almost 5000 litres of juice!


  1. SirSlarty's Avatar
    Just went through my wardrobe and calculated how much in each bottle I'd have almost exactly. Your assumption of 50ml per fragrance in everyone's wardrobe is pretty much on the money with mine being only a 7% difference

    19 frags x 50ml ea. = .95 L
    whereas my actual is about .89 L

    Still, that's a ton of juice! Well, actually about 5.5 tons

    Looking forward to the wardrobe recode. I love this site.
  2. JaimeB's Avatar
  3. irish's Avatar
    This thread is kind of nerdy... I like it!
    Need to apply some Pi. But it is true, that is a lot of juice.
    Updated 19th February 2008 at 05:24 PM by irish
  4. tigrushka's Avatar
    We just have to make it into 100 000, don't we?
  5. Grant's Avatar
    @tigs - any excuse to buy more eh?
  6. tigrushka's Avatar
    I don't need any excuses when it comes to getting more fragrances.

    I'm sure CoL will gladly help in the 100 000 Project!


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