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Pacing Back And Forth: Tournament of Champions

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I'm pretty close to reverting my collection back to where it was before November.

Bulgari Aqua
Allure Blanche Edition
Mugler Cologne

....then whatever colder weather cologne of my choosing. Pure Malt perhaps?

This brings me to the topic covered a month ago about the "bottle #7" deal. I don't think I'll get to bottle #7. Here's why. It's not that I won't ever date again, it's just that, to me, everything I've purchased so far, I have to be in the mood to wear. Versace The Dreamer wasn't as awesome as I remembered it. It's good, but not "holy sh*t, wow". Rochas Man is good, but again, not "holy sh*t, wow!" YSL L'Homme, even after 4-5 wearings, I still think it's a very good fragrance, just not spectacular. I'm not looking for a holy grail, I'm just looking for a handful of fragrances that I absolutely love and I wake up in the middle of the night wanting. Anything that I just like wearing from time to time, those are decants.

The first time this happened was with Thierry Mugler Cologne. I thought it was okay at first. I liked it. I gave my 1 oz decant to a friend. I purchased Paul Smith Story as a substitute for TM Cologne. Sure, it was nice, but to me, it was still rough around the edges and the grapefruit note was too potent to begin with. The basenotes of vetiver and musk just isn't as soapy as Mugler Cologne. Therefore, I sold it and bought myself a bottle of Mulger Cologne. It was like talking to an old friend you haven't seen in months. It was as if I don't know how much I like something until it's gone. I heard this was a hype beast around here well before the time I joined Basenotes, but I'm happy that I still love this stuff.

In a life full of regrets, especially in this "hobby". Once again, I regretted moving on from Bulgari Aqua by once again, giving it away to a friend. Every time I spray a spritz of my newly acquired Banana Republic Slate, I keep wondering what if I had just purchased a new bottle of Bulgari Aqua. Or hell, I even went as far as wondering if my friend will give me back my bottle since he hasn't worn it since I gave it to him. I'm leaning towards the latter, it's sad, but it's true. I'm sure he'll be okay with it because he said he liked Aqua Marine when we smelled it somewhere. If he isn't wearing it and I get my bottle back, then that kills two birds with one stone (no one else I know wears it and I'm reunited my Aqua!).

I've smelled many scents at department stores and pretty much whatever Sephora had in stock. I'm not the type who's willing to break the bank with niche scents because my pocketbook will only go so far with fragrances. So you won't find a bottle of Serge Lutens, L'Artisan, Bond No. 9 or anything on my dresser. I'm not going to dig around for bottles I've never smelled before that no one else carries (although that is a plus, but I can't blind buy anymore). It's sort of liberating to accept that fact. I'm not intimidated by names of bottles I'll probably never smell or think of purchasing being thrown around on monthly purchase threads or "Scent of the Day" threads around here. Nothing against that at all, it's just not my cup of tea and I'm not really in the right place financially to be spending that much.

It's not in the matter of sticking with what you know or what you're familiar with. It's sticking with what you love. Right now, I want my damn Bulgari Aqua back! If I'm going to buy something, I think I'd need a week or two of wearing it before I buy it. Two to three wearings just isn't enough. I'll probably do a tournament style bracketing. Anything that doesn't warrant a second wearing will be eliminated. Something that doesn't survive a week will be eliminated. This'll probably require a series of acquiring multiple decants of something. No idea how I'll keep track, but I do rate my fragrances accordingly based on first impressions. So anything with a 4 star, I'll definitely wear for at least two weeks. Anything with 3 stars, I'll probably try again if I felt I haven't smelt anything else like it.

I just know that I'll never buy something I haven't smelled in a two year span (L'Homme and Dreamer). You never know how you feel two years later, let alone two months later without trying it immediately before buying it. If you're new to this thing, be prepared for all the trial and error. There will be a lot of error if you dig into this stuff, so take heed if your bank account doesn't allow you to be hasty. Sample and sample often. Even when you think you love it, give it some time and think it over in the next couple weeks if a budget is a concern. Try to block out other peoples' opinions and just listen to your own voice. It's my best advice to preventing purchases you may regret or felt obligated to like based on peer pressure. Everyone likes different things and to different degrees.



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