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Giving In: Bottle #6

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It's not often that I buy a cologne just by wearing it once. Okay, I lied, I did that with 212 for Men and Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme. You know what? Those were great when I had them! I'll be happy to wear those two whenever I get Sephora samples of them. What I just bought, I've only worn it once on myself for a full day. Just a couple hours ago, I put a light spritz of it on my wrist and I couldn't stop smelling it. It was so intriguing. After watching Brandon's YouTube video on this fragrance, I just had to spray it on my wrist. When you've heard and seen enough reviews and comments on something, a part of you wants to give in and give something a try.

I'm not a big fan of whiskey, I'm more of a vodka guy, but I was intrigued by what the A*Men lineup's had to offer in the past. So I figured the time is now, while I still have a full month or two to enjoy this, and buy a bottle of Pure Malt. I'm going to exclusively wear a spray of this whenever I go out on cold days. I know I was hesitant to buy fragrances I can only wear in one type of weather (cold or hot only), but I took the plunge. I figured, if i didn't like it as much as I thought, I could always sell it for a reasonable loss due to it being a limited edition. As some hardcore Basenoters would do, if you love a fragrance, no matter the weather, you'll find a way to wear it. Maybe I'll follow Brandon's lead and find a way to wear this in the summer? Probably not during the day, hell no, but on a night out in an air conditioned area indoors in May and September when the weather's between the upper 60's and mid 70's.

This is probably THE most expensive designer scent I'll ever buy. Even more expensive than my Allure Edition Blanche (albeit it was an unboxed 1.7 oz). This beat out my 4.2 oz bottle of Le Male (the very first bottle I've ever purchased for myself) by a few bucks. Why not the original A*Men or Pure Malt? The original had this dark, burnt chocolate note that was intriguing, but it's fairly common, and IMO, overplayed. Also, there was this other dark note (tar?) that seemed a little weird or odd on me. This was based on wearing it waayyy back in 2007 or January 2008. Pure Coffee? Haven't smelt it, but something about coffee notes isn't appealing to me. I'm not much of a coffee drinker (well, not much of a whiskey drinker either), but I just know I don't want that note on me. Or I'm just trying to find an excuse not to fall in love with another A*Men flanker. :P

What sold me on Pure Malt is the light whiskey note and the lighter concentration of the dark chocolatey notes. It's more like a smooth, rich caramel sweetness. I freakin' LOVE caramel. It's got a lot of my favorites mixed into one bottle. I like sweet stuff like Hanae Mori, Rochas Man, Le Male, etc. I like sweet and spicy (or ambery warm) fragrances like Burberry London, Dior Homme, and Fahrenheit 32. I hate rum notes, but I don't mind whiskey. I also like some fruity notes like Diesel Fuel For Life, Joop! Nightflight, Paco Rabanne 1 Million, and Rykiel Homme. It's an all-in-one bottle without everything being mish-mashed and unlocks each characteristic with time. Nothing really feels overly exaggerated either without being too weak. Also, it's a Thierry Mugler fragrance, which means a little goes a long way (except for Mugler Cologne, you can never overspray that). Although it's $70 a pop after shipping (and taxes), based on experience, I'd probably wear one spray of this, 2 at most.

Since they're only available in big 3.4 oz bottles, I'd be wearing this stuff for 2-3 years, easy. By that time, I'd probably move onto something else that's just as fantastic for fall/winter. Also, let's not forget it's solid resale value. It's almost like buying a pair of deadstock Jordans or a Macbook (to a certain extent) where their values retain fairly well. So, here's to the next 2-3 fall/winter seasons with Pure Malt! Let's hope it survives February and March enough for me to want to keep it. So far, things are looking good despite me selling my bottle of Rochas Man after getting bored of it from wearing it 5-6 times (or even less, i don't remember).

So, I just sold Rochas Man and Banana Republic Slate yesterday morning within an hour of posting my ad (that was quick!). I told myself "I'm done buying bottles. It's all decants from here on out." I made this exception just for Pure Malt. After that, I'm only going to buy when my other bottles run out or when I really find something that's not limited edition that I'll be craving to wear over and over. Thierry Mugler Cologne's still got 2/3's of a bottle left, Allure Blanche probably has less than half. My YSL L'Homme is practically full and my 1 oz travel sized bottle of Bulgari Aqua's on it's way. FYI, Aqua took me almost a year and a half before it got halfway. So here's to bottle #7! No time for waiting on that silly rule or idea I had a month ago, I'm moving on! Will that 7th bottle be Egoiste Platinum? Varvatos Vintage? Or even Guerlain Vetiver? Or will it be a Creed fragrance? Comme Des Garcons maybe? Who knows. That's a long time from now (at least I think so).

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  1. jayjupes's Avatar
    have you tried/do you like the dirty english?
    they have it in marshall's by my house and it sounds like a poor man's MKK
    seems like something nice to layer an indolic white floral over -- after it's dried down a bit.

    thanks friend
    another good blog.
  2. Surfacing's Avatar
    It is always a pleasure to read these personnal fragrance blogs of yours, Rawk Lee. Keep it up !


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