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Trussardi (1982) fragrance sketch

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Trussardi for women: a classic and sharp chypre floral.

Trussardi opens with a loud fizzy sherbet tapering into an intense smokey, leathery scent melding gunpowder, ambery warmth and spicy sharpness. The aldehyde/green herb/hyacinth/bergamot/galbanum/spicy coriander top notes explode straight through a soft floral heart, and the masculine leather and styrax notes that brace them eventually dry down to powdery sweet amber/cedar/sandalwood/patchouli/vanilla smoke. I first sampled Trussardi in my late twenties and found the sharpness of this leather chypre to be too mature for my liking. Now, on the other side of thirty, I am beginning to grow into its sharp sumptuous strength.

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