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Relent de Chevalerie

Egoiste/l’Egoiste (Platinum)

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Spring Festival is over, the Year of the Tiger is back and so am I with this new post about Egoiste pour homme:

I bought this one thinking that I needed to pamper myself a bit. In traditional Chinese culture, people often refrain from doing this, reserving it for others to do them the favor. Spoiling oneself, from what I understand, was regarded an act of egotism. With this in mind and slightly smiling at my silent pun, I, once again, made a blind buy. You’d be perfectly right to think so, anyway, as I bought this one knowing not much else about Chanel than its renown.

I like the smell but must say that it stays extremely close to my skin. I mainly perceive a faint hint of rosewood, transforming itself into a different rose that I now know to be Damask Rose and coriander, thanks to the pyramid Basenotes provides.

By the time it reaches drydown, it has become almost imperceptible on me. Perhaps the spectral smell of sandalwood and vanilla? I can’t tell if it’s my imagination wanting it to be or if it is truly there. Adding to my disappointment, its longevity is really short on me.

I must confess that I bought the Platinum version. Some would say that it definitely is the reason why it’s so timid in contact with me. Or, perhaps, it is the perfume that is egotistical and wants to keep everything to itself? Who knows?

One thing for sure, should the opportunity arise, I am now on the lookout for a chance to try the non-platinum version. If I ever find a bottle, before buying it, I’ll definitely try to see if it’s more generous towards me than the one I’ve got now!


  1. JaimeB's Avatar
    One would think the "Platinum" version of anything would be the best, but in this case, the plain ol' Égoïste is the real winner. This must be the bird in its winter plumage, meant for blending into the background and avoiding capture.

    This is not to say that Platinum Égoïste is an ugly bird, by any means, but it looks like a completely different species. It would be classed as a winner if it didn't have to live in the shadow of the other.

    I hope you get a chance to smell these side-by-side sometime and give us your candid opinion about their relative merits.

    BTW, from your description of the pyramid, it sounds as though you were looking at the page for the original Égoïste. The Platinum flanker's pyramid is here.

    BTW, it's good to see you posting again!
    Updated 26th February 2010 at 03:35 PM by JaimeB
  2. Relent de Chevalerie's Avatar
    Hi JaimeB!

    Well, I first must say that it’s nice of you to have taken the time to read my ramblings once again! After trying it, I was actually quite happy I had bought just a sampler –yes bough one! You’re totally right, I was looking at the Egoiste pyramid, like an idiot, to find out what it was I smelled but, strangely, I definitely and mainly get whiffs of some sort of rose in all of this. When I got towards the end of writing my entry, I realized I had the Platinum version. I made a fool of myself by posting this without revisiting all I wrote.

    Nevertheless, now that I’m looking at the Platinum pyramid, I’m puzzled. Yes, I definitely do not get any lavender in its opening. Rosemary? Perhaps. And petitgrain, I wouldn’t know what it really smells like but what I get is a rosy kind of opening. There is some sort of herbal tones too in there. Rosemary? Ok, yes, maybe. The midnotes are gone on me by the time they should appear. All seems to point towards a fake, I guess. I’ll try to get myself a real bottle of Egoiste and I’ll come with a revision of it a “Egoiste, encore” or something like that.

    Regardless, thank you very much for the heads-up, JaimeB!
  3. JaimeB's Avatar
    Don't go second-guessing yourself. Getting confused about something unfamiliar doesn't make a fool of anyone. From what your nose is telling you, it is possible that you picked up a fake, or perhaps a very old or badly handled bottle that has gone off. La scenteur est "pourrie," as the French would say.

    When you look at a pyramid, and your nose doesn't recognize most of it in the smelling, it makes perfect sense to assume you have been sold a fake. Given the things one hears about the respect (or rather, the lack of it) that copyright laws sometimes get in China, this might not be such an unreasonable assumption.

    Promettez-moi que vous continuerez à écrire vos opinions et à partager vos idées sur BN. Quant à cette petite confusion,
    j'en ai fait de pires moi-même. Ne vous en faites pas. Ce n'est qu'une bagatelle!


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