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No, I'm not talking about that long forgotten Versace line. I'm talking about the abundance of "vs." threads. I've seen more and more of these posted lately where similar fragrances are pitted against each other in an olfactory death match. Cool Water vs. Green Irish Tweed, A*Men vs. Pure Coffee vs. Pure Malt, Iron Man vs. War Machine. Okay, the last one is a topic on two similar Marvel Comics super heroes, you get the point. Not to mention numerous polled threads on two fragrance that have nothing to do with each other. Hanae Mori vs Dirty English, Polo Black vs. Allure Sport, Bulgari Aqua vs. Dior Homme, Burberry London vs. L'eau d'Issey or whatever. They're not actual topics, BTW, but again, you get what I mean.

There's always the option to ignore these threads, but I can't help, but notice 4-5 of them popping up each week, if not more. Newbies, newbies, newbies, (*shakes head*) JUST SMELL EACH ONE YOU'RE CONSIDERING, PICK THE ONE YOU LIKE AND CAN AFFORD. That's not too much to ask, is it? Anyone ever gone shopping on their own anymore? I'd just smell the choices I was considering and take a few minutes to think about what I'd use each fragrance for. Also, the search function on this message board and reviews have answered at least 80% of the questions I've had on my mind about a fragrance until I have a very specific question to ask. I'm pretty sure I could avoid ever posting a "versus" thread. I apologize in advance for coming off like an asshole.




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