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The Death of a Classic Perfume (terrible news)

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One of the pillars and hallmarks of the perfume world has come to its end. Today is truly a black and horrid day in the galaxy of perfumery.....see link below.


  1. Kal's Avatar
    I'm glad I never wore Opium but I'm also glad to not have any YSL in my wardrobe any more. I've had Rive Gauche (also mutilated) and Paris (flankers demean it) and Y (it's been a while...) but I'm horrified that that company have taken over.
    L'Oreal still test on animals ... one of the few companies that do, apparently.
    Double Whammy right there.
    I will mourn YSL as a whole now ...
  2. Jiffysquidd's Avatar
    I feel lucky that I splurged on a little flask of Parfum before this happened, and get to experience the good stuff instead of just reading about how wonderful it once was. I wish there were regulations having to do with not marketing mucked-about classic perfumes as something they no longer are!


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