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I've been out of the loop in all areas of life since my kids were born in 2006.

After a blog posted by Atlanta1 I discovered that L'Oreal had taken over YSL.
Having only recently learned that L'Oreal still tested on animals I was horrified to think that they would be doing the same with YSL perfumes and was glad that I no longer have any.

On further investigation I was even more horrified to find out that they also took over The Body Shop in 2006! Shocked! Appalled! And somewhat deflated - now I have to find a whole buncha new things to buy/use. I've bought Body Shop products since they opened their first shop here in Adelaide (South Australia). I was wondering why not only the range had diminished but also the quality of the products. My husband's beloved Carrot Moisturiser had disappeared and now he can only use the Hemp ... well, no longer! We'll switch to something else.

Don't get me wrong, I eat meat. I wear leather. I'm not necessarily against killing animals for our consumption but torturing them their entire lives is too far for me - I've seen what they do - I'm sure the rest of you have as well.


I wish I didn't know ... but I do ... and I can't un-know it.

Here is a list of the companies who make the perfume we love that have been assimilated by L'Oreal. There are more but these stuck out to me as I recognise the perfume houses:

Yves Saint Laurent
Helena Rubinstein
Paloma Picasso
Giorgio Armani
Ralph Lauren
Victor and Rolf
And of course, The Body Shop

This is probably old news to a lot of you but I only just found out about this. I'm sorry for all who feel as I do about this - that is: sad, annoyed and just a little bit stupid.

I wanted my first blog to be a kind of 'about me' but I guess that wasn't in the cards ...

Have a nice day anyway?

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  1. 's Avatar
    Excellent blog Kal!!!! Thank you very much for putting us in the know. Fortunately for me, I don't use any of the above; but my daughter uses Body Shop. I would rather have 10 pimples than torture an animal.
  2. Kal's Avatar
    Thanks Eleanore

    Things like this really make me worry.
    Will there come a day when everything cosmetic will be owned by L'Oreal? Will the only choices we have be tested on animals and all the perfumes smell like varying degrees of the same sugar water?

    Now I wish more than ever that I had access to Niche frags ...


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