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Hey basenoters wanted to ask you a quick question. I came across a what appears to be a vintage bottle of Dior Homme Sport(black collar) at a local perfume shop. As soon as I seen the black label i thought "wow vintage sport". Obviously they did not know that and I end up getting it for $65 for a 100ml, and I must say I am absolutely blown away by thois fragrance. My question to you guys is which version do you prefer and are there any major differences between the two?


  1. Omega1185's Avatar
    I sampled a vintage bottle at a little store that I fondly refer to as "The perfume shop that time forgot" because they have a alot of vintage colognes collecting dust on their shelves. Rhe bottle I sampled was around five years old but still very nice, although I ended up buying a pre reformulation bottle of Habit Rouge instead.


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