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Creed Original Vetiver Is My Second Serious Cologne

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by , 5th April 2010 at 12:00 AM (2776 Views)
For 10 years I wore Allure Homme by Chanel, intermingled here and there with the occasional bottle of Platinum Egoiste. I considered Allure to be my signature scent, which in retrospect feels quite unoriginal. Having attended high school in the later half of the 1990s, and college in the earlier years of the Naughts, I suppose it makes sense - Allure was all class in 1999, and continued to be credibly so until only a few years ago. I still consider it to be a fine fragrance, and one that I will wear until my remaining bottle runs dry. But it's time to move on.

And move on I have . . . to Original Vetiver by Creed. Impulse buy. First high-end, higher-spectrum cologne. Second serious cologne. I just smelled it once, examined the bottle for authenticity, and bought it.

I'm on a mission in my life to be a man among the masses, yet one who stands a cut above the street fray - to tailor my style into something both unique and elegantly mainstream. I can't afford to do anything less. I'm in love with a European woman who is both emotionally ambivalent and gratifyingly drawn to me, and I may or may not ever have her. I'm a bored American living in a difficult part of the States - Connecticut - a land of stuffy old New Englanders and New England heritage, tinged with the somewhat staid, socially estranged denizens of my generation. My inner man is a crudely sketched conceit of professional indecisiveness, competence and disinterest, heterosexually romantic ambivalence (with more than an adequate dash of sensitivity), quietly angry and oxy-moronically measured rebellion, and an almost-criminal yet truly comical blankness. That last bit is a characteristic borne of fine up-bringing and a tired intellectual temperament that has, after 28 short years, all but burned itself out.

I wear blue jeans, crisp oxford shirts, some of which are white, battered but dignified casual shoes (NOT sneakers) and now, thanks to impulse, Creed's Original Vetiver. The clear, green sensuality of this fragrance imbues me with a unique confidence, particularly around women, and not because of anything it imparts upon me. Just having something that smells this beautiful emanating from my shirts is enough to say that even if I don't get the girl in the end, she'll have to sacrifice something truly rare and compelling by rejecting me: the daily privilege of inhaling the delicately masterful olfactory apogee that is Original Vetiver.

If how you smell is a contributing factor to a listing of one man's lovable characteristics, let that factor be a graceful given. Let it be this scent!


  1. 's Avatar
    I was compelled to read this after perusing your Grey Flannel article. Your command of the language is impressive, but describing yourself I found even more amusing and interesting.

    I am the polar opposite of you...from geographical upbringing, general outlook and personality. In spite of that, I understand you because of your descriptive ability. I only hope you land the woman in question ( if it is in your best interest) and agree with you that, smelling good is a revenge in itself, regardless of whether you go home alone or not.
  2. MOONB's Avatar
    Thanks for reading and the kind words. I see you live in the land of the midnight sun - certainly about as far from CT as it gets. Aside from Hong Kong.

    But the compliment really holds extra weight due to your own command of the language. I read one of your posts - about all the testing and trying and expenditures to find the perfect wardrobe, and it was really fun to read. The world of fragrances is ridiculously expensive and unending, isn't it? Kinda like the world of movies and cinema in that sense. I look at it and wonder where it begins and ends, and there's only a few clues but no real horizon in sight. I've basically done a ton of reading and soul-searching to come up with a handful of things (7 in all) that I like, and that's where I'm stopping, at least for a few years. But I admire your journey, and hope it leads to being surrounded by all the best people. To me, that's what it's about in the end: having the sort of smells that attract the most interesting people and help forge the best relationships. May sound strange, but then again, that's life ;)
  3. Sunsetspawn's Avatar
    You talk pretty!
    Me like OV too.
    Smell pretty, like you talk.
  4. Topsail's Avatar
    wow... this is an amazing piece. i don't know if you are as self-aware as you come across, but if so, congrats. most 50 year olds don't have the sense of self that you seem to.

    it's been a while... do you still love OV?
  5. MOONB's Avatar
    Thanks for reading. Yes, I still love OV. Still my favorite Creed, too.

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