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The Scent of Chrism

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Like an angel's breath upon your skin you were kissed
When I held you the day you were blessed
With the holiness of times gone by
The Spirit filled the Cathedral

The Holy aroma, the scent of ancient times
Lingered upon your innocent brow
And I smiled for you were so beautiful
And your aroma was pleasing to God

Sparkling Ray of sunshine
As the light came forth pouring
Through the spectral windows
And glistening upon your face

A hidden formula, sacred
Filling our hearts with joy
As we could not forget
Your day of christening.


  1. Valerie's Avatar
    Dos this mean Scents of Time have now got Chrism on sale ?
  2. Starsoflight's Avatar
    HI Valerie. No, even though I cannot wait till they come out with the perfume. I wrote them awhile back about it and got no answer. So, I am not sure when they will be coming out with it. This is about my memory of the real Chrism oil used at my nephew's christening years ago. It was beautiful. So am I not the only one interested in the Chrism scent?
  3. JaimeB's Avatar
    Chrism is traditionally made with olive oil and balsam. While there is no absolute certainty what balsam is the historical one, Balsam of Mecca (also called opobalsamum, this is the product of a tree called Commiphora gileadensis or Commiphora opobalsamum) is commonly used today when available, but many other forms of scenting are in use as well. In the Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Constantinople consecrates chrism every ten years, and it contains 57 ingredients.

    Oil of Chrism is used in Baptism and Confirmation, in the consecration of churches and altars, and in conferring Holy Orders in the Roman Catholic and various Eastern Churches, as well as in the Anglican/Episcopal and Lutheran churches.

    In the Western churches, every Maundy Thursday, the Bishop and clergy celebrate a mass called the Chrism Mass, at which oil of chrism and the other holy oils (the oil of the catechumens and the oil of the sick) are consecrated. The clergy also renew their ordination vows at this mass.
  4. Valerie's Avatar
    No I can't wait. I wrote to David Prybus about a possible perfume and got a very kind reply so maybe he is busy ? If so working on Chrism ! Thanks also to Jamie.


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