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L'Instant and Honey: changing my mind?

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I am too embarrassed to put my less educated answers to the thread, but I love the idea from the post called "The Genre You Love" Questionnaire. And this idea relates to what I've been thinking about L'Instant today.

Genre/Note: Honey

Current Favorite: Poeme by Lancome

Newest Discovery: L'Instant de Guerlain

Latest Purchase: L'Occitane de Provence Miel et Citron Pailette Shimmering

Can't Wait To Try: Botrytis, Rose Barbare, Hiris

The One That Got You Started: first Burts and Bees Milk and Honey body lotion (oh sweet memories!) and then hand creme by L'Occitane Miel et Citron

One You Thought You'd Love But Didn't: after I tried the hand cream, I rushed out to try L'Occitane's Miel et Citron fragrance. That didn't work. I also didn't detect honey either in White Linen or in Creation.

L'Instant is still "like honey" to me, but this time around I smell the florals more. I got magnolia (perhaps) and definitely ylang-ylang, and at some point some fresher beautiful floral note rose up, way after several hours on my skin -- it could be jasmine. The honey here is clover honey, heavier and sweeter than wildflower honey (embodied by Poeme in my opinion). I used to think these two are similar enough, but I feel they're different now, Poeme still more pollen for me and L'Instant more floral. I am still not going for floriental, since the drydown is pure honey on me - at least it was last time I tried it.

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