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SotD Monday 19 April-10

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I dumped almost a 1/3 of a 1.5 ml sample of CnR Create Aries on my arm to give it a final longevity test.

I tried several of these perfumes and I tend to like their smell, but all the ones I've tried seem to vanish from my skin in two hours. It's now or never, I'm going to finally find out if I just need to apply more!
Right now it seems that applying more just makes the scent more oily, less gentle and less pleasant in general. Looks like I'll be passing on this line. But after half an hour it smells gentler and gives me a feel of what I remember Aries smells like. Ah well. We shall see. I need not to be too impatient, like I was with Ineke's Evening Edged in Gold yesterday.

The first sillage-monster plum impression was not too pleasant, but then after a couple of hours or so the sweet woody pleasant base was just lovely. I woke up with some of it left on one arm, a slight trace even lingers after a shower, so the longevity is impressive. I still don't love it as much as I do her A and B, but it is indeed nice. I'll try to wear it with lighter application soon and keep the rest of the sample for trying on a cooler evening out.

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