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SotD Thursday 22 April

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I almost didn't notice the top notes I don't like in Miracle today. I mean, well, ahem, what could I noticed if I rolled out of bed at exactly 5:59 (and the alarm didn't ring -- what a Miracle!) It went straight to the gingery (or ginderade-y) magnolia goodness. I felt very comfortable sitting next to a bunch of people in a small conference room. I was smelling nice and I was not likely to offend anyone with a monster sillage or a distracting strong scent, although all of us could use something sharp and green to wake up! And yes, I considered L'Eclat D'Arpege but I went for pink clothes and a pink scent.

Last time I wore it the longevity was in 6 hour range if not closer to 8, but just in case I grabbed a bottle with me. It's easy to carry this little 30 ml around. I applied at about 6:20!

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Eva, thanks for the quote and for the message! I needed something like today as I am willing to take some risks, stepping into a professional field that is quite new to me. It may lead me to a nice volunteer experience or it may lead me to a career change -- that I don't know right now! Anyway, your message was right on target for me today, thank you.

I have Miracle on me and in my purse should I need to touch up during this long day full of meetings. A+ for getting me going so far!!
Volunteer meeting went really good. I was surprised that the majority of folks are actually not volunteers but students taking this experience for credits. We'll see how everything goes.

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