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SotD 23 April-10

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Still morning in beautiful Northwest.

My TPC lilac sampler arrived yesterday, so I am happily testing the perfume recreations of my favorite one!
I have DSH White Lilac on my arm and Pacifica French lilac on the other. Can't smell the White Lilac at all, and the French Lilac is nice but sometimes I smell some strange note that doesn't need to be in my lilac soliflore.
My husband could smell the White Lilac. He said that arm smelled just like a bush in the yard, but sadly, I couldn't smell it this year. It is especially strange since last year I bought it for smell!

The disturbing note in French lilac doesn't pop out that often, so it is good. So far this is the only Pacifica scent I like - I tried many others and found them just awful! So I have to admit that I am a little suspicious of the brand.

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