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SotD Thursday 06 May

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Wow, I think I put a lot of L'Occitane honey on me, but it doesn't smell as strong as I want it to be today. I could be spraying even more on the clothes I guess.
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It's not the best mood day for me. Feels like falling from heaven back on earth, with quite a bruise on a landing spot!
Yes... Just two days ago I was on top of the world, literally and figuratively, shopping for perfume samples and small bottles at Dawn Spencer Hurwitz studio in Boulder, then standing next to the continental divide, marveling that my body cooperated with me to climb so close to it -- and when I flew back home, I hit the ground. Thump. Work, cats, classes, deadlines, development, self-improvement, all of it seems so burdening all of a sudden. It doesn't help that I know that there's some samples and even FBs sitting in the post office and I couldn't pick them up yesterday and can't today either due to scheduling issues.

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So in a search for something summery and happy I put L'Occitane Miel & Citron Pailette Shimmering with a couple of spritzes of African Honeysuckle by Dawn Spenser Hurwitz in my hair. I'll try to ride the golden hues of Summer warmth this long day at the university...
Yep, honey is an instant mood lifter, especially with lemon, very invigorating. I'd say that I recognized those light yellow golden top notes in one of Dawn's perfumes -- Butterflies' Nectar -- and I got a sample of it and can't wait now to try it on my skin and see if it's really that similar to L'Occitane Miel & Citron Shimmering. How fun!

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