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SotD Wednesday 12 May

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Aaahhh, when will I finally have time to describe my amazing experience at DSH Essence Studio in Boulder?? When will I at least drop my thank-you card in the mail for those wonderful people? I spent such a marvelous time there, stocking up on samples before going on an equally marvelous hike with a view of continental divide... sigh. I fell in love with places and songs, and it's almost as bad and as good as falling in love with people... Anyway,
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It's an overcast morning on the Oregon coast, so I needed a pick me up. Couldn't even decide on a scent, so turned to this thread and thought of becoming a scent twin with someone. RHM set my mind to the right idea by wearing Cafe Noir! I was just recently at DSH studio, and I smelled Cafe Noir there, and something in it didn't appeal to me, and the very friendly person there suggested me to try Lumiere, another fragrance with coffee and spices. Oh dear!! This is the pick me up I needed. It's delicious. Now, back to work!! I feel the rush of energy all of a sudden!

Ah yes, almost forgot -- I am testing a Notre Flore Neroli on my other arm. Variety is the spice of life.
I am loving Lumiere. I certainly want a FB of it since there's nothing like it in my wardrobe, but oh so many choices! My sample is essential oil, but there are options to buy it as oil, perfume, perfume with fixative... Lord, who knows about all that?! Not me, anyway, not yet... I guess by the time this sample is over I'll know.

At the studio she suggested that I dislike galbanum and neroli. She gave me a whiff from the essential oils, and both smelled awful to me. So I am trying my only known-neroli scent on my other arm to confirm my dislike. Well, Notre Flore Neroli smells fine on me, I get mostly orange flower with some sweet stuff. It feels slightly heavy, not too much fun but nothing awful. So I guess I can take neroli in moderation.



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