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Launching your own fragrance? Learn the rules and regs

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We're asked all the time about how to launch a fragrance into an industry dominated by a handful of multinationals, so we decided to answer everyone's questions at once.

Come to 4160Tuesdays to find out about:

Regulations - IFRA and EU
Social Media
The competitors
The customers
The materials
The reality
Thursday & Friday 21 & 22 September 2017

Sessions 10 - 1, 2.30 - 5 + discussion

You're faced with brick walls in every direction, and the regulatory equivalent of jumping through flaming hoops.

So we decided to share what we know. We're also aware that we make it look a bit too like all good fun and no hard work. It's 95% admin and 5% perfumery and it's best to know the realities before you commit to it.

We shall be making some of the more difficult to obtain professional materials - essential oils and synthetics - available to buy in small quantities.

Led by Sarah McCartney, the perfumer and public face of 4160Tuesdays and her long time collaborator, regulations manager and training expert, Triona Tierney. Before 4160Tuesdays, Sarah and Triona both taught post-graduate business courses at London universities and will share this knowledge, which was invaluable for running a start up, as well as perfume technicalities.

Each session is £125.00. We strongly recommend all four for £400 but recognise that you might have to prioritise.

Thursday morning: Being legal.

There is a big jump to take when you go from blends-for-friends to selling legally. Perfume isn't like other creative arts. You can't just make it and take it to the local community market.

We cover what you need to do to sell fragrance legally: labelling, good manufacturing practice, the EU portal, batch records, stability testing, your Product Information File, how to get a Cosmetics Safety Report and more. What can you do yourself and what you need a qualified chemist to do for you.

Thursday afternoon: Your formulas.

The recent EU cosmetics regulations team was led by a British dermatologist who believes all perfume (especially naturals) should be banned. Now we're having to deal with the results.

Whether you're making your own or working with a perfumer, you need to know that your own formula is safe the regulations. We look at 21st century formulating and complying with IFRA: what's legal and what's banned. You'll probably be surprised. We show you some real formulas and what to change in order to make them compliant.

Friday morning: Making a living

Most small business ventures don't last the first year, because the owners have plunged in without doing the figures. This morning is for the reality check.

How much do you need to sell to make a living? Are you going to be able to produce them? How much do you need to invest to get going? Can you make a profit selling to shops?

You need to do some crucial calculations to work out whether you give up the day job and leap into business.

Fortunately Sarah has experience in teaching basic business calculations to people who hate maths. Triona is an Excel whiz who created our magic costing spreadsheet.

This might be the point where you decide for or against putting your savings into perfumery.

Friday afternoon : Who will buy it and how do you reach them?

The first litre - how to run your essential research project. Everyone you know will tell you they love it, but will they really buy it? This is how to find out.

Looking at the marketing Four Ps: perfume, packaging, place and publicity. Getting your perfume to the right places is particularly tricky and costly as it's classed by the UN as "Dangerous Goods".

Social media and the press. Two effective but time-consuming ways to build your reputation.

The realities of retail - what retailers expect from you and how to encourage online sales.

If you would like to come to some sessions but not all, please get in touch. We'll be giving priority to those who want to come to the whole thing, but we're adaptable.

A single session is £125, so if you come to all four there is a saving of £100. Prices include VAT.

Venue Location

  • 4160 Tuesdays Perfumery
  • 8, Issigonis House Cowley Road
  • London
  • W3 7UN
  • United Kingdom