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Make a perfume: day workshops at our London studio

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Come over to 4160Tuesdays HQ, London W3, where we handmake all our fragrances.

You have a whole day with access to all our professional perfumery materials, both natural and synthetic. You'll take away a lovely 30ml bottle of finished fragrance, and all your experimental blends too.

You'll smell a range of materials and learn how to blend them. It can be quite hard work - lots to learn - but there's no pressure, and you get as much help and guidance as you need from 4160Tuesdays' own artisan perfumer, Sarah McCartney.

Each session is different - book as many as you like.

Mornings are 10.30 for 11 to lunchtime

Arrive between 10.30 and 11. Some people travel a long way to get here, so we make allowances. You'll smell a carefully curated range of perfumery materials, both naturals and synthetics, and learn a lot about how they are really used in your favourite fragrances.

We generally head off to Paulo's cafe for all day breakfast, or CJ's for Thai noodles around this point, but you can bring a packed lunch if you like.

Afternoons 2 – 4.30 ish (the last person usually finishes around 6)

Blend a scent of your own, using professional perfumery materials. The session includes all materials and equipment, plus tea, coffee, fruit, cake, unusual cordials and a 30ml bottle of your own individual perfume. (We open a bottle or two of champagne at the end.)

Cost including refreshments and your bottle of perfume : £125

Our workshops sold out in 2016, so for 2017 we've added many more. If you have a a general interest in perfume, but no firm plan for which kind of fragrance you'd like to make, maybe start with a general day.

If you know exactly what you want, then pick a specific fragrance type or two.

We're quite flexible, because we know that people sometimes pick the date that's convenient, not the topic; we won't refuse to get out the jasmine on a citrus day, or vice versa.

Venue Location

  • 4160 Tuesdays Perfumery
  • 8, Issigonis House Cowley Road
  • London
  • W3 7UN
  • United Kingdom